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Everyone goes through change, transformation, going through it for the better or worse. Be it physical or mental, that is the real showing of what makes someones character. Why not write about it?

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    Alright. So turns out that Mirror Dance has had a few developments and setbacks. Bad news first and good news after.

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Update on Mirror Dance and new story · 8:13pm Jun 15th, 2019

Alright. So turns out that Mirror Dance has had a few developments and setbacks. Bad news first and good news after.

I will, as the Mirror Dance is right now, be scrapping it. I'm not giving up on it, not by a long shot, but I am going to be rebooting it. Not for a while but it is on my list of things to write. My original concept of the story was set to take place when the changeling invasion was a 'new' thing. Obviously a LOT has happened in the show since and the effect would have been lost. But this was not the biggest reason. The largest reason to do this is, as a writer, I have matured a bit more in my writing and planning and I realize that with what i had in mind, I was going to probably disappoint and make my main protagonist start to 'mary sue' a bit. There was just too much going on and I was being too ambitious with what I wanted. Being my first fic, I just wanted to make everything be good and there was just too much. If I continued the story as such, it would have overshadowed important character development and really just made the story worse overall. I will come back to it and rewrite it, but it will be far better. This might take a while.

For the good news, I am writing a new story, and the first chapter is finished already. All it needs is some editing and refining. However I will be delaying when it gets published because not only would it be good to have some lead time on the next chapter but also I am a bit of a snob and want a good cover art. What I can tell you is it takes place in a cyberpunk setting, telling the story about an interesting character named Jovin trying to make ends meet but gets in a bit too deep and his life changes dramatically. With permission, this story is taking place in a part of Captain Hoers art story comic here. Click her to check it out. Its not too long of a read and is good stuff!. The story isn't connected but the world is the same.

Keep an eye out for the new story in the next couple weeks!

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