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Question · 9:31am Jun 15th, 2019

EQG Rarity or Pony Rarity?

Comments ( 16 )

Eq rarity for Sure

Can I choose both?

Pony Rarity, hooves down

Both! They are both stunning, darling!


Pony Rarity, why? Because pony Rarity is the original one and has had more character development then the EQG Rarity.

Which would you want to cuddle more? I think that should be a defining factor as to which Rarity is the best. Her cuddle-factor.

I vote for Pony.

I don't care what anyone says, this is my answer: BOTH!! It's hard to pick which Rarity I like, so I like both the MLP:FIM and EQG versions, cuz they're both amazing! Whether y'all like this or notI like both versions, and that's my final answer.

Pony. I’m not really a fan of the EQG Series in general besides the first two specials so that one was kinda easy.

Hooves > hands. :derpytongue2:

EQG is lovelier as a person, but FIM is more adorable. I choose EQG, but I love them both with a passion.

EQG Rarity.

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