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    What's your favorite story?

    I need some inspiration.
    I do a whole lot of writing, but I don't read nearly as much as I should.
    There are so many authors out there who could really help me develop as a writer, but there are also authors out there like Shortskirtsandexplosions. (It's OK. He'll never know I said that since he doesn't follow me. Yet.)

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    BIG update!

    Hello, my beloved subjects.
    This update is going to be a little bit longer than most, so get buckled in, because I'm unloading everything onto you today!

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    Want your suggestions

    I just wanted to know which character from the show that you like or would like to see more of. I've tried using characters like Feather Bangs and Countess Coloratura just because I feel like they're underutilized and interesting considering most stories are about Twilight, Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy (or Anon).

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    Christmas Update

    Hey, everyone! It's Hearth's Warming season!

    I've got a lot of stuff to talk about, so hopefully you're just as excited as I am.
    First of all, there's a new story that should be coming out soon. Can't tell you many details about it, but I'm hoping to have it out for you in the near future. I think it's one that the majority of my followers will enjoy. :raritywink:

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    Thanksgiving Story

    So, for those of you who didn't know, I made a Thanksgiving story 6 years ago.
    Actually, the funny thing is, I only made it a Thanksgiving story in general so that the story aprrovers would allow it in the first place.

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New story in the works. Can I get your feedback? · 7:42pm Jun 14th, 2019

Hello, my beloved subjects. (I feel like I haven't said that in a while)

So, the title is true. Yes, I will be writing a new story that will be released on June 30th.
The only problem is... I don't know which story idea I want to go with.
There are three possible options at the moment, although I can't safely say that I'll go with any one of these three. They're just options.
So, I wanted you all to give me YOUR opinion! I have the long description of 3 stories ready for you, so let me know which one (if any) you would like to see made into my next story.

Also, I made a strawpoll so you can just press a button to let me know which if any you would like to see. If you want, though, leave a comment! Again, I can't promise anything, but it at least helps me know what the general consensus is.

(Btw, a big thank you for everyone who is supporting me by reading
Magical Girl Trixie: Revival and Pokemon Y-Fu!)

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Comments ( 3 )

Coconut Cream Pie... sounds good :raritywink:

They all sound like fun, but I think I have a craving for pie. :derpytongue2:

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