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Bronycon Bookstore - Inventory Survey and PFP Titles · 2:53am Jun 12th, 2019

(Post stolen mostly from RBDash47's blog post with some edits) If you're going to Bronycon and you plan on buying one of the books available at the bookstore, please take a moment to fill out this survey. That will help all the authors who plan to make books available in Aquaman's Golden Oaks Bookstore booth at BronyCon get some idea of how many to stock there.

  • The books listed in this survey aren't guaranteed to be available there, but if all their information is listed, it means the author has been contacted to verify they have their book(s) ready or almost ready.
  • There are a few "unknown/untitled" entries -- these are authors who have signaled in the past that they intend to have one or more books available, but they didn't respond or aren't far enough along in the process to provide solid information here.
  • Prices are close estimates but aren't set in stone/may fluctuate slightly.

The survey will run for a week, and then each author will get their data so they can make decisions about how many to order.

Thank you for your help!

RBDash47 mentioned in the Ponyfeather Publishing Call for Submissions (which you'll note is still open!) that PFP currently has a few titles in production -- and they are all listed in the survey, because they should all be available at BronyCon. If you can't make it to the con, no worries! Any leftover BC stock will be available to purchase via mail (signed by the author, if possible); once any leftover stock has been sold, every PFP title will be available for order directly from Lulu.com in both paperback and hardback. Free ebooks will be available as well.

I'll leave it to each author to make their own post about their titles if they want; for now, here's every PFP book that will be ready for the con:

That's in addition to the titles already announced:

Which brings us to a nice round dozen titles for BronyCon.

We're super excited to get these books into your hands and I can't wait for them to be available. Just last night RBDash47 ordered test prints of several of them to verify cover and interior layouts are good, and he will post pictures of every book sometime before the con so you can see what you're buying ahead of time.

Don't forget to respond to the inventory survey! Even if you aren't interested in any PFP titles or don't plan to go to BronyCon -- the PFP books are only a fraction of what will be available, and letting authors know that you're interested in their books but won't be at the con helps them decide how risky overstocking is. And feel free to share/reblog/signal-boost the survey link with your own followers! The more people see it, the better off your favorite authors will be.

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FYI: I went through the survey and have five six "I have to buy these darnit" books. Packing extra cash for the con. Remember, this is a survey, not a pre-order, and you don't have to send money ahead of time. I'm still doodling with the idea of making a limited printing of Monster in the Twilight/Letters From a Little Princess Monster, which may wind up being a two-volume set due to the 800 page limit on Lulu printing. Maybe if I nipped things a little tighter in editing, hm...

And I didn't see Horizon's Time Enough For Love in there, for some reason. I should bug him about it.

FYI: Horizon's Time Enough For Love is included in his short story collection. Highly recommended.

I took the survey (no pony con for me) and decided to do some math.

If I want all the books I said I'm interested in (with the paperback option chosen where possible), it would total out to...$305.

....well I guess there's a benefit to having a job.

5073269 So you poked the button marked, "All" I presume? I was sooooo tempted. :)

They (or at least most of them) should be available on Lulu after the con. And if you order a whole bunch, you save on shipping. (although you don't get signatures there, and rubbing elbows with the authors)


I didn't even hit all! There's just a bunch I desperately want and it's a long list.

(I just went back. oh gawd it's actually more like $350 what am i doing.)

5073273 "Hello, Ace Plasma? How often can I donate?"

5073276 If there is one good thing about the Bookstore, it's forcing me to read stuff that has been on my Read Later list for far too long. (I just blasted through Around the World in 81 Days by GapJaxie and I'm so angry I didn't read it when it was updating.)

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