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The Mono-Logues at BronyCon Survey · 5:51pm Jun 11th, 2019

HI, so, remember how a few months ago, I was like "hey so would y'all like a book of my short stories" and you were like "yeah sure" and I was like "well which ones" and you were like "a few is fine" WELL YOU'RE GETTING GODDAMN ALL MOST OF THEM

So, first thing's first. The incredible RBDash47 has been helping me put together a collection of some of my stories for Aquaman's Bronycon Bookstore. While we worked on that, the insanely talented lilfunkman worked on the badass cover-art, AND SO HERE IT IS.

SO! Dash is holding a SURVEY to gauge interest for my and other rad books from rad authors so we, the authors, know how many books we should order for the con. PLEASE GO HERE AND FILL IT OUT if you're interested, and even if you're not going to BronyCon! There's an option for that, as they're also gauging interest in having surplus books shipped out to readers!

Speaking specifically about Mono-Logues, this collection includes about 80% of my short stories, plus two multichapters -- in this case, La Princesse and A Novel Disaster. Additionally, this will also include, and is not limited to: Colors of The Soul, The Sphinx's Riddle, Choices We Make, Your Own Worst Enemy, Chocolate Milk, Autobiography for Twilight, Snakes and Ladders, and a bunch more! All of these stories went through a copy-editing phase, so I'll be UPDATING ALL OF THEM HERE ON FIMFIC TO MATCH THE NEW QUALITY in the upcoming days/weeks.

I'm anticipating this to be the first of a few books I'll be putting out, which will all be available on Lulu.com (an online bookstore) and I'm estimating will be as follows -

  • The Mono-Logues - Short stories collection.
  • The Bodyguard Collection - All my Bodyguard Verse stories, including the currently unfinished Travelers of Caelum. Once that story is done, the verse will be compiled and etc etc.
  • Injuring Eternity / Last Train Home - Since these two stories are set in the same verse, they'll be published in the same book.
  • Crimson Lips - Miiiiight be a book? I'm vaguely debating turning Crimson into original fiction once it's finished so we'll see.
  • The Enchanted Library + Sidestories - This is still in the works, and I'm currently unsure of how many volumes it'll be, so we'll see.
  • The Enchanted Kingdom - Will be a thing once I finish the friggin story lmao

And that's it!!

I also have one last announcement for BronyCon, but I'm waiting a few weeks on that, but beyond that, we should be good!

Please let me know if you have questions, and I'll try to answer to the the best of my ability.

- mono


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Comments ( 28 )

Worldwide shipping?

An absolute beauty of a book! Congratulations. Mono!

This is very exciting. Plenty of stories I love on that list.

Yes, if bought through the online bookshop Lulu!!!

I barely own any physical MLP merchandise so I probably won't get a fan book, but this looks amazing regardless.

Woo! Of course, now my personal hardcopy of one of your stories printed for an autograph seems redundant.

That cover art is fantastic!

I really hope that some miracle I can make it to the con this year...

Will buy! ...Is it possible to get it signed?

That’s some dope-ass cover design.

May you sell many copies! :yay:

Hmm . . . Ponyfeather Publishing, eh? I shall have to look into that for my own stories. :trixieshiftright:

Totally wish I could be there but boy do I wanna order all the books. Totally would pay extra for it to be signed but that'd be hard to do.

High five and congratulations on getting your stories printed!

I was about to be all "Hey! I don't see Rarity in that big conglomeration of stuff! Super FAIL!"

But then I saw little mini-Rares. Crises averted!

Oh, and a Twilicorn, too!

Beautiful cover! May I include it in the promotional image I'm doing for the bookstore?


Absolutely!! I'll be at the con so I can sign it there!!!!

Ponyfeather's is run super legit and super professional, though as I understand it, they come to you rather than the other way around! Sorta like the RCL


Paul how could you doubt me this way tsk tsk

Absolutely!!! thank you so much for wanting to include it!!!

Once I see the hardcover up I'll take you up on your offer. Many thanks Mono, you have yourself a wonderful day!

four hoof dance as I hope to pick up my autographed copy at the book store!

I am so happy to read about this! If i understand well, you'll be there - I look forward to meeting you (and getting a signed book :pinkiehappy: )

Yay! Definitely getting the hard cover and hope you'll do me the honor of signing it for me.

Also, you wanted me to check with you about an Enchantedcon shirt.:raritywink:

aaaaa i forgot

unfortunately, we don't have any extra shirts leftover :CCC and I'm still not sure we'll do a second run for this year! but maybe for next everfree?

That would be great! Though the real treat is seeing you, Friend!

Well, I know who I have to show this blog post to...

I’ll definitely be getting a copy at Bronycon

Yessss!!! I’m so excited for this! 😁The artwork is aaammazinng too!!! Now I must be at BronyCon 🤗 Congrats Mono!!!

Both it and the list of future books look amazing. I've actually started to make a list at this point to keep track of all the books I need to buy... Definitely getting a hardcover of this one.

This is amazing !! Would it be possible to purchase this book online at some point?

Will you be putting out a blog post when those of us sad saps who can't go to BronyCon can order books?

(I'm much too like Twilight and I want all the books. :twilightblush:)

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