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Tumbleweed vs. Student Counsel · 2:31am Jun 10th, 2019

Man. Been a busy last couple of days. Which, well, it's been FUN stuff busy, which is good ... but at the same time I'm like socialized out, or something. Spent most of the day doing not much of anything, which ... well, sometimes that's what ya need to do, right?

Also watched some pone.

And, y'know what? This one was surprisingly fun. There's a lot of fun business in the animation here (nice to see S9 isn't phoning it in on that regard), plus, it was one of those rare episodes that made the secondary cast just as fun and interesting as the Mane 6. (Something that a Student 6 ep has yet to do for me, but I'm a grumpy old man like that).

Also, like, Trixie & Starlight are doin' it, right? As the whole ep's baaaaaasically a lover's quarrel over workaholism. Go figure.

Mudbriar & Maud are definitely doin' it. Cue the cavalcade of Maud/Petrified Mudbriar clopfics. I mean, if ever was there a time for awful rock puns, there you go.

But yeah. All and all, this ep had the kind of goofy comedy adventure mayhem that really makes FiM what it is. Almost a throwback to an earlier season, perhaps? Well, except for the part where Trixie is a main character and is entirely too entertaining. Like, whats-his-face came in going on about how whats-her-face was missing, and the whole time Trixie kept eating her damn salad. She knows what's up.

And as a bonus, it seems next week's ep is gonna be about the Mane 6 doing Springtime Solstice things. Continuity! I wonder if this'll be when Grogar and his crew decide to wreak some more havoc, or something.

But while you're waiting for that, go read For The Pony Who Has Everything, as it's my only story I've written (thus far) about Starlight & Trixie. That's kind of related, right?

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I say, slipping into my Mudbriar voice, springtimes have equinoxes, not solstices, something that someone on staff realized for Act II of the episode but unfortunately didn't get the memo out to Acts I and III. But I'm not gonna let it bother me!!! :pinkiecrazy:


You're a better man than I. This is worse than that time geese flew north for the winter in an EqG short. (Apparently they're in horse-human Australia. Who knew?)

Dang, after my final I'm out post they've now tempted by back twice already. Okay, this wasn't quite as good as the Chrysi and Tirek song, which to be fair would be hard as that was bloody superb, but this was some solid Trixie use.

I know I used to usually wear the shipping goggles back in my WiW days. This though was so blatant between Starlight and Trixie from the interaction, the very justified arguments, and her not managing to putting enough effort into the partnership due to her work just yelled 'THEY'RE DATING' like nothing has before.

Also unrelated somewhat but yay for finally, finally confirmation that the girls didn't doom the sirens to a grim fate of starving to death from lack of magic.


Honestly, horse-human Australia would explain why people don't bat an eye at crazy shit trying to kill everyone every time they have a major school event.

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