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Remember That One House I Haunted? Me Neither.

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    Upcoming Stories.

    I've been meaning to post a few new stories, I'll try to get around to it over the weekend.

    They're all comedies and hopefully bring you a bright smile!

    Hope you're all doing wonderfully today too!

    Remember to smile and keep looking to the future.

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    Her Name Was Forgetful...And Today Is Her Birthday!

    Little Friday The 13th Reference There, lol.

    Serious as cereal!

    Today I'm finally 21!

    And should feel like this...

    But if we're being serious, I actually feel more like...

    It's a mixture of emotions.

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    Factober. Day 2 & 3! ~ Follow Me To Facts! Squeeee!

    Dolls, a Charles Band movie was given a chance off a simple sketch, a female doll holding up her eyes in each hand. The sketch was so chilling and unique it was greenlighted to become a movie.

    Personally an underrated classic in the Killer Doll Genre.

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    31 Days Of Factober! 🎃

    Last year I made it to 21 days before getting too busy.

    So here's to 31 Spooky Facts!

    The movie Leprechaun was interesting to say the least. One, Warwick Davis was given the title role, even though he was a pretty hot star for the moment.

    How did they get such a wonderful actor?

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    Lookin Fancy.

    Chucky looking a bit posh for his upcoming TV Series, I can groove to it.

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A Lackluster Milestone Blog XD · 8:48pm Jun 8th, 2019


I'm late to my own party, aren't I cool?

Honestly though, ty for all 67 Followers!

You guys are amazing and always make me smile!:pinkiesmile:

Now onto the...

Update Info!

Been thinking on my update schedule, since my other one never seemed to work out, I was always behind on it lol.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going to try out a long range update plan.

This meaning I'm choosing Two stories to focus on for the week, on Friday I'll post what I have in a semi large update.

As for my Thousand Fluff Project everyday was burning me out, so I'll have updates on that Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Still pretty active but will give me recharge time lol.

This will all kick off on Monday, tomorrow I do have a update for Fluffs planned and I have two updates planned for other stories today.

This is just a Two week trial run, to see how everything works out.

Week one will be dedicated to some Crossover ideas I really want to sink into, week two will focus on Invisible and Megan.

If this brain farts, then back to the drawing board lol, but I feel decent about it!


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