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Feghoot Fun · 5:56am Jun 8th, 2019

I’ve been working on a novel since last November.  I got some feedback and tips for it at EFNW. Since then, my progress, at least as measured by word count, has been pretty well blocked while I work on revisions and plotting.  I’ve been aching to write more. I found an excuse.

When I saw Super Trampoline’s blog post about the Feghoot Contest, I had to enter.  I like feghoots. A lot.

What’s a feghoot?  It’s a type of shaggy dog story that ends in a terrible pun.  The audience should be left groaning. One of my favorite examples is Shipping Sickness by Skywriter.

I’ve written feghoots before, but they were both standup pieces.  Fortunately, little translation is needed between the mediums. I have dozens of feghoot seeds tucked into my idea file, so I finished my first draft of Mummy Issues that night.

I'm interested in the best possible feghoots coming out of this contest. Accordingly, I've volunteered to be a pre-reader/editor. It's official even - I'm included in Super Trampoline's list of feghoot contest editors.

If you've got feedback on my contest draft, send it my way. Do you want feedback on yours? Link me up.

Comments ( 3 )

Wow, I say, this must be quite a swell contest, run by quite a swell guy! :moustache:

Also congrats on your first blog post! :P

Thanks. Just gotta get a first story posted too. Maybe before the contest if I can get something else edited or written in time.

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