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Foolers Rush In canceled. The Scent of Prey 2.0 Project Has also been Canceled. New Plans. · 9:50pm Jun 7th, 2019

After several attempts to get back into Richard's voice, I've found I just don't have anything else to say. I said it before and I'll say it again, if it was good enough to hit 300 likes with all its flaws it's not something I should feel bad or guilty about. And today on 6/7/2019 I just don't think it was ever necessary to try and improve on it. It's not a well-written story by any measure but it's not the only measure of my quality out there as I'm now on my eighth story.

I don't suppose very many people ever wanted another TSoP. But after the reaction, I got when I canceled Siege of Castle Harmony I know there are some people following me who won't want to see Foolers go. Let me say up front FRI isn't getting the axe because of its prose. Foolers Rush In is perhaps my favorite story outside of FoE Oasis because I found myself engaged by my own writing. It took some editing and the early stuff suffered a bit from stale description but things really took a turn for the better as time went on. FRI contains by best sex scenes, my most lurid atmosphere, and is easily the most ambitious work I've ever attempted. Foolers Rush In had everything to be an outstanding work of fanfiction. Well... except one thing.

A friggin' plan. :facehoof:

Ya know how last year I posted a blog about some ancient webcomic no one ever heard of (Concession) and talked about how horrible it was? Yeah, Foolers Rush In suffered all of that comic's worst weaknesses. It even accidentally references things from that comic in what I can only describe as meme magic, similar to Firesight and his many, many accidental references to Fallout Equestria. People, I created a total disaster. Foolers Rush In is what you get in the aftermath of a tornado ripping through an auto dealership. Several dealerships actually. If a tornado touched down and tore through a Nissan dealership, kept on going and tore up a GM Dealership, and went on to wipe out a Mercedes-Benz dealership, the resulting carnage of broken glass and twisted metal is FRI. Oh the cars themselves were once engineered well and were the pride of their workers, but they were not arranged in any semblance of order by the spinning doom cloud.

In 2015 I had a general idea of what I wanted, a clopfic that attempts to capture the themes of darkness, futility and the hell of repetition set in a bar referenced in Fertile Ground. It was, and is, a great idea for a fanfic. The inspiration for this story came from a 4chan greentext rewrite of a short and rather incomplete story themed around Silent Hill and had Button and his Mother as the main characters. This story was not good but it was written by a pretty solid writer and I really liked the theme enough that I carried it around with me thinking I'd improve the concept someday if I could.

In 2016... ugh. :twilightangry2: In 2016 something terrible happened to me; I started taking myself seriously. I know, that was really stupid and this the is the crux of why I'm ending everything associated with this very dark period. Yes in 2016 FRI wasn't just a spooky, scary clopfic but it was a sermon. *Groan*

Not to say everything that came from this age of FRI was bad. The thestral lore is all great and Firesight is, and will continue to, find uses for it. I'm intending to use most of it in the future as well.

Then 2018 came. 2018: the year of Classic Wow hype and boy how it shows in my writing. :facehoof: Even talking about this is making me cringe but you know what? I deserve this. I criticize others works all the time. I need to sit down and explain why this idea was/is bad and I should feel bad. Slamming my 2015 cool idea with 2016's preachiness was a bad idea but dammit it could have still worked. Then I come along and tack World of Warcraft on to that and the story just lost all meaning to exist. It lost that central thread to pull all it's disparate elements together and give the reader a comfortable familiarity.

Let me give you the best piece of writing advice I can possibly give you: don't allow any story you're writing to stall otherwise it's going to lose vision and focus. Here's another piece of advice, have a beginning and an end in mind and don't add any more story elements than is necessary to get there. Do not be a mission creeper! Also, do not feel compelled, as I did, to try to write a novel-length story just to say that you were able to write a novel length story. I got a reality check from Meep The Changeling in a PM exchange where I'd mentioned that I felt bad that Angels of Oasis wasn't longer. Her response? Short stories are art too. She's right and I was foolish to even consider length as anything more than an arbitrary number.

I do have good news. Now that FRI is officially canceled I've drawn up an outline for a new and proper sequel to Fertile Ground and set in that continuity. I've also given up on the idea that Roseluck and Lily absolutely must be together at the end. They don't. I was reading Fallout Equestria and it occurred to me that while LIttlepip may have left the stable to find her crush Velvet Remedy, they weren't ever meant together and Littlepip ended up finding someone else. This is really the proper way of handling Lily Valley as well instead of acting like it's the will of The Force, like I'm George Lucus or some crap. This is actually how I'd already handled their characters in A Gentleman's Price, though Roseluck's perspective was the primary focus there. Yeah, I'm rambling at this point...

So I guess no creepy physiological clopfic is in the cards this time around. Although... I may revisit the idea in the future. Rest assured that if I do I'll have most if not all of that story completed by the time I blog about it so I don't end up with yearlong gaps between updates.

Yeech! Such a bad look...

New story soon. Hope you like thestrals!

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To be honest I'll miss both of those two projects.

Why not give the story to someone that you trust and give them a shot at it?

For starters, I get very little in the way of interest in my work from vocal minority followers, largely as a result of my sporadic release schedule. I'm just not a reliable source of content readers come to enjoy. Despite closing in on 200 followers I can expect about 4-6 accounts to even potentially offer anything in the way of feedback in the way of story releases or account updates. My stories themselves don't get much in the way of replies either -- the only notable exception being A Gentleman's Price. Outside of the clique I'm in made up of myself, Firesight, Silentwoodfire, and Denim_Blue, I'm widely unknown. As such, there is no one who I know who would want it.

If for some reason there was such a person I still wouldn't be comfortable doing it since I have a long-standing tradition of removing bits from the canceled story, arranging them differently, and re-using them. Siege of Castle Harmony was a short-lived story that got little attention but from its demise, I created A Gentleman's Price which was loved. In that specific instance, I realized that I was writing the wrong story and what I really wanted to be doing was writing an M-rated romance instead of a story about snowball fighting. Sometimes it's all in how you present the ideas that make a story work.

Then of course there is the point I made in the blog that while a story may be declared a failure, even a failed story isn't unreadable. A lot of FRI is fantastic material. It's just been haphazardly presented. If I give that away, I have to go visit someone else's account to enjoy my own clop scenes!

Lastly, if I gave the story away I'd be losing a part of my legacy, cringy as they may sound. Even a canceled story advanced me in some way to becoming better at writing.

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