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My Little Pony Season 9 News 06/07/2019 · 11:59am Jun 7th, 2019

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the final season of MLP! It's Friday on the AM, at least on my time, and you know what that means: It means today I post this blog early enough so we can dive right into whether our next episode will be among the good ones... Or the least favorite. And today, we're about to go over a 'Starlight Glimmer' episode hoping to give half the fandom's favorite 'Twilight Sparkle' clone (Or at least... A 'quarter' out of 3/4 of all the haters roaming about) who will be given her own spotlight after spending about a partial bit of the season either cast aside or stuck in the background. This episode will push Starlight Glimmer's role as counselor in the 'School of Friendship' as she takes the stage with an episode appropriately titled...

Student Counsel

Now I know that there was an early release of this episode in Italy, I just need to let you know one thing and Rarity should be saying this but...

NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Clears throat* Moving on...

Ever since Starlight Glimmer was appointed to the 'Counselor' role as a means of students to approach her and discuss their problems for her to figure out, some fans had been wondering if this was the right job for Starlight. Some would say this is just a subtle way of making Starlight an afterthought, even after all her efforts to help her friends as gratitude for having this second chance. As this episode is leading fans to believe, Starlight Glimmer actually seems to be enjoying her role so much, relishing in the fact that all the students can come to her anytime about 'anything'. But it also speculates that Starlight may be enjoying her role in the school a little 'too much', leading us to believe that all the work she puts into her new job may have her missing out on a ton of things thereby a lesson is in order. Now we've argued over how Twilight Sparkle has been 'Twilighting' throughout the entire series since the very beginning, but while Starlight had been teasing during this season's premier I have no doubt the 'Princess of Friendship' may be in for some competition as we could be seeing a true 'Starlighting' moment.

As far as Starlight Glimmer goes, it's no secret that she's had this split amongst the fandom. Some have been willing to give Starlight a chance to develop during her reformation (Which some will say is almost on par with Sunset Shimmer, another pony who in some ways is a 'Twilight Sparkle' prototype) and there have been many moments of her that have been deemed 'meme' worthy at best. And then there are the few who stubbornly insist that Starlight Glimmer was better as a villain, that she didn't deserve to be spared, and if they had it their way, Twilight would've banished Starlight Glimmer because Starswirl at his time certainly wouldn't hesitate. But I'd like to think that the major reason they think that is because deep down they are afraid, they assumed Starlight was so 'perfect' (With magic that can rival that of an alicorn) that she could end up replacing 'any' pony in the 'Mane Six' like one of those 'Cousin Oliver' ordeals that happens every so often on television. But given how flawed Starlight can be, how she tries to use magic to solve most of her problems though in some cases they backfire, it stands to reason in my book that Starlight is not as perfect as everyone keeps freaking out about and quite frankly in a way I sympathize with Starlight as we look into her story, in some ways she almost reminds me of myself... But let's not get into that.

What I think the fans deserve to know is: How can Starlight be so caught up in her new job that she's missing out on life? This actually connects to this idea that there should be more of a struggle between the Mane Six's lives with their established occupation when suddenly they are made mentors for a school to teach students of many shapes and sizes the value of friendship. Let's not forget that before Starlight was asked to be a counselor, she was already an assistant to her PFF Trixie... I'm sorry 'The Great and Powerful' Trixie and one of the last times they did anything together was attempt a road trip to Saddle Arabia (Even though that ended 'horribly' over a travelling cart). We'd have to wonder if the time spent at the school has kept Starlight from spending quality time with her own friends whether it's Trixie, Thorax (Who understandably has major responsibilities as leader of the Changelings), Maud (Who's in a relationship with a 'stickler' pony), or even Sunburst (Who has his own job at the Crystal Empire)... Actually, come to think of it, I believe it's mainly with Trixie where the quality time is up for debate. Fans may gripe how 'Starlight Glimmer has to learn a lesson because she made a mistake' but let's not forget the same thing happened to Spike before he finally got a break and given how long it's been since we've had a Starlight Glimmer episode since she was pretty much an afterthought (Seeing as how she was left out of both the 'movie' and the '200th' special) I think it's only fair she gets at least 'one' chance to shine just like everyone else.

But the big question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until next week's review, this is the Dramamaster829... Signing out!

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