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Saying Terrorists Should Be Killed Will Get You a 30-Day Ban On Facebook.com · 6:23pm Jun 6th, 2019

Welp, looks like it’s back to my alt account for another 30 days. At least I got all that great shitposting in first.

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Christ Almighty. You can't advocate every member of a profession should be killed. There are a few bad ones, but not every cop or border guard is bad. Who are you going to call if you get mugged?

You mean show up two hours later and harass me?

Police protect the bourgeoisie and their property, uphold white supremacy, systematically harass, persecute, and kill leftists, drug users, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, and other “undesirables”, are the state enforcers of this dystopian authoritarian hellhole we live in, beat their spouses, and shoot people’s dogs. Good cops would call out and prosecute bad cops, but they almost never do and the few who do are fired. Regardless of individual police officers’ morality and actions, their very participation in the system is what makes them bad.

TL;DR: All Cops Are Bastards.

Have you seen my profile picture?

We're not living in a dystopian hellhole. Or I'm not, I don't know where you live.

Fascism is on the rise all over the world, the rich continue to hoard resources while millions of people die from starvation every year, and climate change is going to literally kill us all within 50 years unless we make radical global changes to our economic systems extremely rapidly.

I don’t know where you’ve been.

All that crap happens outside the West. No one's starving in the West because we have functioning social structures.

“ no one’s starving in the west”


In 2016, 40 million people lived in poverty in the United States alone.

Holy crap, the US is more screwed than I thought. But at least there are programs to help them. The truth is we live in a world of limited resources. There's always going to be poverty. (We need more small businesses and to encourage business ownership. Capitalism is eating itself and Socialism is basically a life support system for a dying Capitalism. Distributism is the cure of course.)

Actually, we produce more than enough food to feed the world like 1.8 times over or something, I can’t remember the exact number but I’ll try to find it. The problem is not the amount of resources we have but rather the distribution of those resources. The eight richest people in the world have as much money as the bottom 50%.

Socialism is when the workers own the means of production. ( Plus of course social programs to support those unable to work) Under socialism, the bourgeoisie no longer steal the surplus value from the workers and imperialists no longer steal resources from the global south.

Oh please, my country is far worse off

Any country. We're all fucked, until someone with the right initiative can convince all of the world leaders to do something.

Saying anyone should be killed is a call to violence. They were right to ban you. That's just my thoughts on it.

It'd work if you eliminated the state.


It doesn't matter who the person is or what they believe in. If you are calling for violence against a person, you are no better than the person you are against.

If they actually commit an act of violence against you, self-defense is fine, but calling for people to attack/harm/assault someone else is not okay.

At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, so you are saying that if I call for the killing of Nazis, I am no better than a Nazi?

While I see anarcho-communism as a reasonable end goal, in a transitionary period, other state powers will always rush in to crush anarchist movements.

Eh, kinda? Depends on if they are actually doing anything besides 'being nazis'.

Nazis simply existing represent an existential threat to a lot of people. They deserve to get their skulls caved in.

I had a similar status to this one shared by a very conservative C-list movie actress with like 176,000 followers and I got a few death threats but no one even bothered to call me

My condolences. Modi can suck my nuts. Y’all have have a pretty dope Communist Party though.

There's never any justification for killing. Self defense is reasonable as per the NAP, but only to the extent of reasonable retaliation (you can't ACTUALLY nuke someone for knocking down your fencing). Killing is never necessary to defend oneself, so while you are probably philosophically justified in fighting back against a police officer, you can't reasonably kill them.

You know that bumper sticker you see in the shitty hill billy bars "Don't like the cops, call a crack head"?
Well, I've been there a couple times, and I'll tell ya, the crack head gets shit done. The shitty bar is probably on good terms with the crack head in question or it is run by him, but they pretend that X=Y has nothing to do with either X or Y.

I'm a leftist, but it doesn't take a smart person to figure out that mass murder is plain wrong.
You don't really want every police officer killed, a lot of your friends on this site would die, I'm sure of it.
This isn't any different than someone saying they want all bronies killed because someone fucked a horse.

I understand your thought process, police corruption and brutality is an injustice that must be called out, but saying things like this will make you far more enemies than gain you allies. Rightfully so. Many police officers aren't very financially stable themselves, and suffer from abuse or addiction.

Posting this won't change anything, but at least I tried.

Actually, those numbers are wildly exaggerated. What few people realize is that the U.S. Government's gauge of poverty doesn't account for the hundreds of welfare programs that are utilized in the U.S. If you're on any kind of welfare that improves your practical income, that income in not counted as income for the purposes of the poverty measurement. For example (using random numbers, mind you, because I don't have statistics right in front of me), if you earn only $20,000/year, and on top of that get an additional $30,000/year in practical value from disability, wage-based welfare, government housing, foodstamps, etc., then your income is technically $50,000/year. But for the poverty measurement, you're counted as only earning $20,000/year, i.e. what you get from your job. You're not really in poverty, the government just says you are.

And that's not even beginning to go into all the income people make that they aren't reporting, which happens for a wide range of reasons such as two people making an independent transaction that doesn't need reporting, or people unsure what counts as 'income', or even criminal activities that people obviously don't want to disclose.

Granted, this is not to say that there is no poverty in the U.S., or that nobody on this thread is in poverty. I'm only pointing out that the way the numbers are reported is heavily flawed.

Would you agree that the fact that the government has to prop up tens of millions of people to keep them afloat is a sign the system is broken? Of course there are those who can’t work for one reason or another, but the phrase “working poor” ought to be an oxymoron. Wouldn’t it be better if everyone earned a living wage for their labor?

Except the only solution offered is 'destroy the rich!', who are the ones responsible for letting all those people earn a wage in the first place. You don't get good-paying jobs by punishing the people who produce said jobs. And aside from that, you'll never be able to stop people from becoming rich; punishing those who do it through capitalism will only enable those who do it through socialism or communism. At least with the former everyone has a chance to earn that wage, as opposed to the latter where only the people in government are allowed to get ahead in life.

There are going to be people who, for one reason or another, can't earn a living wage. That's just reality. Socialism and communism won't fix that, and neither will capitalism. That's what the welfare system is supposed to be for.

I'll teach you about surplus value this evening, for now, check your PMs for a contest-related thing I forgot to send you (my sincere apologies--I'm juggling a lot of people in running this contest!)

As a point of fact, what you said in that Facebook post gives you something in common with socialists, communists, fascists and racists; advocating mass murder, they are flawed, and they don't work in the modern world like you think they should. Yeah, think that one over.

Now, think about this. Presume that precisely what you said, happened. That is - let's pick a number on the low end - over one hundred thousand dead, spouses left widows or widowers, children left orphaned and families devastated. Now. Close to one million people have been affected. What happens next?

Chaos. Anarchy. Death.

Within hours, criminal activity will spike. Within days, one in five people will die. Within a week, troops will have been armed, mobilized, and marshal law enacted. Most likely with orders to shoot first, ask questions later. Within a month, one fourth of the population is dead, thousands will be incarcerated, everyone will be miserable - especially the upstanding citizens for they are paying the same price for others actions, and the world as we know it ceases to exist, while the world you want fails before it can begin.

Now, did I paint a thoroughly vivid picture for you?

If you get nothing else from this, remember these three things: one, freedom of speech does not equal freedom from repercussions. Two, opinions are like anal sphincters; everyone has one, few want to see yours. Three, if this were a communist country, you would have been arrested for attempted terrorism.

For a bonus: you are a hypocrite, a terrorist, a war monger, and pitifully ignorant if you believe in the garbage that comes out of your mouth. But, nothing I say shall sway you, for the mentally ill cannot recognize that they are indeed ill. You have my pity.

Now, back to reading pony stories.

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