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Hearth's Warming Tidbit 9: Clock Tower’s Altar · 5:56pm June 5th

So we finally come to the season one finale's first tidbit. I am so happy to be here. I never thought we would get here, but here we are. I hope enjoy this one as not only it a very special one, but it's also a very important one, of not just this chapter but for the entire story as a whole. Make sure to go back to this one often as it will become more and more clear the closer we get to the reveal of all answers. This is the most important tidbit for this series so far. This is the Clock Tower's Altar...


The clock tower’s altar has been in the city since the years of old. Nopony currently alive during the timeline that Twilight and Starlight landed in know when the altar was built or why. However they do know a legend that pertains to the altar.

When Starlight scanned it she could sense that it’s origins where quite dark and filled with so much pain yet this conflict with the truth that they both thought they knew about this.

Legend said the altar was once called the Altar of Agonía. It used to banish darkness from the soul by forcing it out and to the surface allowing for quick and easy banish. It was used for many millennia on anything from demons to dark magic users, that is until the day two stallions brought forth a baby for the ritual.

The owners of the altar never considered using it on a baby. The stallions were almost a bit demanding about wanting to use it. Eventually the owners agreed.

Much to their surprise a massive amount of dark magic poured out from the baby. Too much for a single banishing so multiple were schedule over four years.

The legend ended with something strange happening on the final banishing. What could only described as horror and darkness covered the altar, the city and even the land that held it all.

For forty days and nights. It only finally stopped on the day of the Winter Solstice. In fact the baby at that time now a colt finally gave his first cries upon hearing the Great Howling of that day. To make things more confusing they couldn’t figure out whether it was because of sadness or happiness.

One things was certain, without warning the altar cracked the very same moment of those tears and it never was used again.

Whether it was out fear, confusion or some other emotion the owners refused to go near the altar let alone touch it and over time it was abandoned and forget for its uses. Soon a new city was built around it and new life grew to cherish this altar for a completely different reason then what it was design for.

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