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Brain Dump #2: More Ideas · 2:09am Jun 5th, 2019

Time for another dump! Wait...

Here are the titles. 49 more of them. Take any if you want. If you are curious about my original synopsis, just ask.

(E) I've Got Nothing
(T) There's Always Two
(E) Stolen!
(E) Truly Cool
(E) All Nightmare Long
(T) Silence Is A Powerful Weapon
(M) The Big Bang Theory
(T) Come On In!
(M) Spike the Dragon, Private Dick
(E) Promise Me That You'll Keep Your Mouth Shut
(T) Twilight's Eight
(E) Try As They Might
(E) Hairdon't
(E) Stay Close And Keep Quiet
(T) Why Are You Laughing?
(E) Life Swap
(E) Health and Wellbeing
(E) Rehashing
(T) With Novacane Comes Wisdom
(E) Ponecast
(E) Sleep It Off
(E) The Logistics
(M) It's Always The Shy One...
(E) Playing Cat-ch Up
(T) Apple Jack
(T) Wet Mane Contest
(T) Welcome Home [Sanitarium]
(M) Flim 'n' Flam's Damn Yams
(E) Mirror, Mirror...
(T) Just One Drink
(T) News Flash
(E) Dashed Away
(E) Hit Or Miss
(E) Starlight vs. The Forces Of Evil
(E) Why?
(E) I Wasn't Expecting That...
(T) Sixth Sense
(E) The Mane Six Get Lost In A Cornfield Maze
(E) Statue Of Limitations
(T) Deep Down Inside
(T) Security Breach
(E) Poker Face
(T) Write On, Spike
(M) The End Of The Fucking World

Comments ( 8 )

Thank you for expressing an interest in my ideas! These just randomly pop in my head and I just write down whatever synopsis comes to mind. Maybe I should write some of these, I never end up doing them.

Those M rated ones are more for people who can write stuff like that. Not usually my thing either.

These seem very promising ideas. I would be intrigued to read them one day.

Some of these are definitely out of my comfort zone at the moment, but there's no harm in trying, right? :pinkiehappy:

I'm trying to write a fic for the Wincest Father's Day competition. That's somewhat out of my comfort zone, but so far I've been enjoying it.

I wish I could do contests and write more expanded material like that. I'm terrible with deadlines and very impatient when I write.

Same. I will try though, at least. If you believe that you can do it, then you can!

True and inspiring words. :twilightsmile: :yay:

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