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Fuck the Police! · 10:01pm Jun 2nd, 2019

To the cop who just gave me a ticket for “riding your bike on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road” and making me miss my bus, thank you so much. I feel so safe now.

Haha just kidding. I hope your house gets firebombed, your loved ones disown you, you get brain cancer, and most importantly, that you eat my entire ass.

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I've been pulled over for weirder stuff

Once we were pulled over by a traffic cop because my car's windows were supposedly tinted. My folks explained that we did not have tinted glass, but he was not buying it and fined us

Some cops look for a reason to pull people over. I've been pulled over because my dog was looking out the window...while he was secured in his harness.

It’s almost like the police love to power trip.

I had a cop pull over my buddy for a "broken tail light". The light worked fine. He still gave a ticket. Guess who took pictures of said supposedly broken tail light working just fine, as well as video of it working no more than a minute after the police pulled away? This guy. guess who submitted it as evidence in court? This guy. I was also asked to give a comment on this particular case by the judge and I said something along the lines of "Frankly, your honor, I am personally of the belief that this LAPD officer chose the wrong career. The fact that they use their power to waste the state justice system's time directly damages the reputation of the LAPD and the LA County court system, and directly wastes taxpayer dollars."

Last I checked, that cop has been stuck on desk duty for a good two years.

I too refuse to ride on the main street. I'd rather weave between annoyed pedestrians on the sidewalk than ride on the same surface as two ton machines that can sideswipe me without any warning.

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