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  • Friday
    Alphacat's "Brothers and Sisters" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story shows us what happens when the day meets the night.

    Brothers and Sisters
    [Slice of Life] • 64,160 words

    When Princess Luna goes missing, Private Lucky Break knows there's more at work than a simple breach of court protocol.

    For most, Hearth's Warming is an occasion to celebrate family and friends, a time for reflection and goodwill to all of Equestria's residents. But for two ponies, their relationship with the holiday is much more complicated.

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  • 1 week
    AlexTFish's "Daring Do: The Opera" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    We'll make a spirited effort to sing the praises of today's story.

    Daring Do: The Opera
    [Mystery] [Slice of Life] • 10,016 words

    Diamond Tiara is excited to have a starring role in Autumn Blaze's new opera. She knows the Opera House isn't haunted, but if it were, she'd be ready to give any Opera Spirit a stern talking-to.

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    5 comments · 1,051 views
  • 3 weeks
    bats' "The Thinkin' Spot" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    It's easy to spot why we think today's story is great.

    The Thinkin' Spot
    [Slice of Life] • 5,282 words

    Twilight's first Winter Wrap Up in Ponyville had a rocky start. Things took a turn for the better when she assumed control over the planning and organization, but after a stressful morning and with an all-nighter in front of her, she was afraid it might all be for naught. Luckily Applejack was there and knew Twilight needed a chance to take a break and recharge.

    She needed a visit to the Thinkin' Spot.

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  • 5 weeks
    Jay Bear v2's "We're Eggspecting!" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story will crack open your heart.

    We’re Eggspecting!
    [Romance] [Slice of Life] • 4,874 words

    Silverstream and her husband Gallus are going to be parents! Everyone is so excited about their egg.

    Well…almost everyone.

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    11 comments · 2,119 views
  • 6 weeks
    The Seer's "After I Looked Up, The Stars Had Gone Away" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    You won't find today's story vanishing from your memory.

    After I Looked Up, The Stars Had Gone Away
    [Horror] • 6,738 words

    There is no such thing as a gut feeling, not really. If you suddenly start to feel afraid for no apparent reason, it's very unlikely to be anything serious. But it doesn't make it feel any better does it?

    Twilight is up burning the midnight oil again, when suddenly every sense she has tells her that something is terribly wrong. There can't be anything really wrong though, not in reality.

    Can there?

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  • 7 weeks
    Lets Do This' "Friendmaker" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story looks in a mirror, darkly.

    [Drama] • 8,589 words

    "I am Friendmaker!"

    Twilight Sparkle is concerned that she may one day go insanely evil, as with Nightmare Moon or Daybreaker. So, knowing Twilight, do you really think for one moment she's just going to wait for it to happen?

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  • 8 weeks
    Cloudy Skies' "To Perytonia" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story is worth the journey.

    To Perytonia
    [Romance] [Adventure] • 554,079 words

    By royal request, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity travel to far-off Perytonia to establish ties between Equestria and a strange new people.

    Plunged deep into an alien culture with its own history, understanding the native peryton is only part of the challenge. As Rainbow Dash discovers, navigating her own relationship with her oldest friend may be harder still.

    FROM THE CURATORS: The pressures of weekly deadlines can make us struggle to find the time to commit to longer pieces.  So when we spotlight something the size of Tolstoy's War and Peace — and longer than the sum of every other story we've featured this year — it's a sign that you can look forward to something unique and compelling.

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  • 9 weeks
    The Cloptimist's "Dragon Lord Ember Skips Work for an Hour" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Don't skip out on today's story.

    Dragon Lord Ember Skips Work for an Hour
    [Romance] [Slice of Life] • 3,060 words

    The mighty Dragon Lord Ember slips away for an hour, to meet up with her secret mate.

    Contains: two newly-installed world leaders who don't really know what they're doing, and some wistful escapist cuddling.

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    5 comments · 2,250 views
  • 10 weeks
    Wallflower Blush's "How To Dominate Your Neighbor's Lawn" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story will grow on you.

    How To Dominate Your Neighbor's Lawn
    [Comedy] [Random] • 2,241 words

    Even when faced with the rise of Tirek and the loss of her own cutie mark, Roseluck never fails to tend her lawn.

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    4 comments · 1,925 views
  • 11 weeks
    Fallowsthorn's "Time" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    You'll find yourself making time for today's story.

    [Equestria Girls] [Slice of Life] • 6,635 words

    The whole school saw Sunset Shimmer's demonic form get hit by the Elements of Harmony, and half a second later she was in a smoking crater in the ground, sobbing and repentant. From Sunset's perspective, her change of heart took a bit more time.

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Author Interview » OfTheIronwilled's "Again" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 1:19pm May 31st

Today's story is (a) well worth your attention.

[Dark] [Tragedy] [Human] [Alternate Universe] • 1,792 words

When she was young, Megan rode into Ponyland on the back of a flying pony.

Or not. She doesn't know anymore.

All she knows is that for the second time, a pegasus has crashed into her well.

FROM THE CURATORS: Sometimes we get two nominations at once for works from the same author — only to find them both passing our feature threshold, creating a dilemma of which one to spotlight.  "As a fan of both G1 and Fluttershy, I get two completely different gut punches for the price of one!" AugieDog quipped in our debate.  He was one of the curators praising the character study of Where All My Layers Can Become Reeds: "The impossible dream of being a part while also being apart rings through every word of the story." But in a split decision, the multi-generational tragedy of Again won out.

"Again conveys a single moment of paralyzing horror fantastically," FanOfMostEverything said, and the story's short, brutal effectiveness drew broad praise.  "I love the character work, and the subtle way that it reveals the darkness of the situation," Soge said, while RBDash47 added: "I did like how no one believing Megan played out; that felt very realistic."  Horizon's nomination tried to break down what made it work: "It uses its short length well, swinging in hard with a memorable gut punch of an image, and makes effective use of the generational gap," he said.  "I think the fridge logic is the most terrifying part of it — there's no road to the story's events that doesn't involve a great deal of implied abuse somewhere."

If there was a common theme to our dissent on the fic, it was the story's focus on the heroine of an earlier era.  "I feel it almost qualifies as G1 fanfic," Present Perfect said, and RBDash47 added: "I wonder if I would enjoy it more if I was more familiar with Gen 1."  But others saw that as one of the story's strengths.  "I definitely think the G4 connection is strong enough, but even beyond that, it's a fantastic allegory for the cost of the fear of seeming immature," FanOfMostEverything said. "It's all too easy to let amazing opportunities wilt away because 'you're too old,' 'that's not how it's done,' so on and so forth."  It even inspired fond comparisons to former RCL inductees.  "Again poses the question of 'What if Meghan was the star of Through the Well of Pirene?'," Present Perfect said, "only to answer it with a resounding, 'Yeah, no.'"

Read on for our author interview, in which OfTheIronwilled discusses shower blame, piecemaking, and embarrassing edges.

Give us the standard biography.

Hello! My name is Ash, but you can call me Iron. Really there's not much to say about me. I joined the fandom back in 2012 when I was really young, and used Fimfic to learn more about writing and to eventually get kind of not terrible at writing horse words. I love the color pink, my darling cat Gizmo, and watching all sorts of cartoons!

How did you come up with your handle/penname?

It's been so many years now that I can't quite remember the whole thought process. I do know that I had just watched the episode “Putting Your Hoof Down”. That episode of course brought us Iron Will — and my handle just kind of came from his name.

Who's your favorite pony?

Fluttershy! She's been a huge comfort character for me from the beginning. Plus she's just adorable.

What's your favorite episode?

I'd have to say “Amending Fences”! Moondancer’s fear of rejection and Twilight’s realization that she’d really hurt somepony in the past made for a solid, emotional episode.

What do you get from the show?

Maybe it's a bit cheesy to say, but the show has brought me nothing but joy and peace since it started. I recognize it's not the best show in the world, but it's cute and sincere and the characters are wonderful. On hard days I can always come home, turn my brain off, and watch the ponies going on their little adventures. And more than anything, MLP continues to inspire me to write and draw almost ten years later.

What do you want from life?

I want nothing more in life than peace. A stable job, a cute wife who I can bake little cakes for, and maybe a couple apple trees. Other than that? Getting my own book published would be a dream come true.

Why do you write?

Writing is fun :) Ever since I knew how to read and write, I've been making up stories. There's something so nice about putting yourself in a fictional world and thinking about how many cool things could happen. Finding out how you should describe those cool things is like putting together a puzzle, except you're also the one making the pieces. Also, reading is an emotional experience. The fact that I could write something that could get a real, genuine reaction out of someone is so wonderful to me.

What advice do you have for the authors out there?

Never ever ever give up because you think you're not good enough. It doesn't matter if you think your prose is terrible. It doesn't matter if that other author is better than you. The only thing that matters is that you have fun.

Sure, when you're writing there will be frustrations along the way. You'll write some really awful crap. It's just part of the deal. But never forget that you're creating something from nothing, and that action of creation has taken place because, at least at some point, writing brought you utter joy. You could write the worst fic on the planet, but as long as you had fun writing it? Who cares? Just keep going.

What inspired “Again”?

I'd been wanting to write a darker take on G1 since I first started watching it. Then when I saw that Firefly the pegasus fell into Megan’s well… honestly, my mind just kind of went from there. I couldn't tell you how my brain came to the conclusions it did. I blame it on the fact that I was in the shower — shower thoughts are strange things.

Were you familiar with the original Pony series before, or did the current show introduce you to it?

I'd heard of G1 and in my childhood I owned some G3 toys, but I never thought to look into past generations until I watched FiM.

As a self-professed lover of Fluttershy, Pokemon, and the color pink, what attracts you to darker, sadder themes in the majority of your fiction?

Well, the show itself is already fun and colorful and sweet. I get my fill of happy from canon already, and so therefore I find a lot of my creativity turning to what’s not there. I look at the characters and Equestria as a whole and see a whole world of subjects that the show hasn't and won't ever explore because of FiM's nature as a children's cartoon. That doesn't mean I don't like comedic random stories, because I do. I just find the darker themes more interesting to explore in my own writing. And I had an embarrassing edgy phase as a teenager, so that probably has something to do with it.

Do you plan stories out ahead of time, or do you prefer to let them grow during the typing process?

I plan larger projects out as best as I can ahead of time, but for short stories I just like to find an idea or a feeling and let my brain vomit out words. Even when I do outline, oftentimes the story will get away from me and evolve anyway. It just feels more natural to me that way.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed “Again”! I really appreciate you all taking the time, it means a lot!

You can read Again at Read more interviews right here at the Royal Canterlot Library, or suggest stories for us to feature at our Fimfiction group.

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