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On The Pink Circle Ending · 7:44pm May 29th, 2019

Copied from my public Patreon post here.


Well, this story definitely exceeded my expectations with how long it ended up being... It's a behemoth, it's huge, it's long, it took over four years to finish... and as of today it's done. I'm grateful to the people who stuck with it, enjoying Klein's near-superhuman levels of perversion... as Twilight herself puts it:

"You’re seriously sick. If you put half the energy you do into... into dicking lesbians into anything else, you’d probably be world-famous for it by now, you know that!"

This lust is pretty much the motto of this story... writing a guy who is just so tirelessly devoted to getting into and onto girls that it leaves them speechless. It ends up short-circuiting Twilight's brain when she finds out how badly Klein wants her. Gilda, as well.

Most stories about a guy that obsessed would probably just end in going STRAIGHT into rape, so it was important to me that Klein didn't resort to that. I so badly wanted to do an alternate take on the theme, even when the story ended up bordering on comedy hijinx as a result. There's a lot of silliness and suspension of disbelief involved in keeping things consensual, but it also brought out a need for a lot of creativity and lateral thinking.

(Relatedly, this ties into my dislike of rape not just for the moral implications but also as a lazy storytelling tool, taking away agency from the female character and removing all the fun character moments leading up to the sex.)

The scenarios in these stories show the girls reacting in in-character ways to Klein's wacky approaches, and getting to contribute to the unfolding dynamics all the way up to and through the sex, instead of just being reduced to objects for Klein to use. Twilight ended up being very, very challenging to write in this way, which is almost certainly why this final stretch blew out so goddamn far and went on for so long. Sorry to the people who just wanted to see her get crammed as soon as possible!

Anyway, I'll leave off there. Normally I don't write this much about a single story all at once, but I thought people might appreciate some sort of explanation for why this story's so damn weird, and (I hope) interesting and unusual.

So that's it, enjoy the ending. Commission an epilogue if you want to see more, because otherwise I'm going to be taking a good, long break from this story to whittle down my growing commission list. And thanks to the people who have stuck with it all the way through to the end, you guys are great.

TLDR: I got all misty-eyed thinking about how I'm ending this dumb pony porn story and wrote a big soliloquy about it, what the hell

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Comments ( 8 )

You're too sweet.

No, you're great for making a story that scratches this itch.

Thanks for saying so!

Great job with the story! Glad you took the time to write it,

I still regard this story as one of my top favorite stories of all time. Especially those Fluttershy parts. It was just the perfect mix of everything I like. Hope you write something similar in the future.

That is amazing of you to say so. I hope I'm able to as well.

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