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Bronycon Bookstore update - Getting closer · 11:59pm May 28th, 2019

If you are making a book for the Bronycon Bookstore, please go hit up this thread so RBDash47 can gather the information needed to send out an official survey soon which you can consider to be “So how many of these do we need to print and bring to the convention?”

My three I have put together so far are below. You may notice the ‘revision’ number is fairly high on some of these. That’s because it is both surprisingly hard and easy to make a book with Lulu.com on your side. I’ll explain at the end. For now, this is my ready-to-print-and-bring collection (with a few bugs I’m still fighting).

The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian

Twilight believes the new unicorn magic school teacher is a pretentious royal jerk. Green Grass thinks the town’s librarian is an interfering, arrogant brat. Can they teach each other differently before somepony gets killed, or worse, married.

The Sisters! compendium
(with contributions by Bad Horse, GhostOfHeraclitus, Estee, and Skywriter)

A collection of female alicorns, related by their unique placement in the universe, who do not so much suffer from insanity as rather enjoy it. For centuries, there was only one of them in Equestria, then two, and three, then four and five... Together, they share a unique relationship, closer than mere circumstances would otherwise indicate. Against the multitude of ponykind, they are singularly unique, thinking of each other as both competitors and allies against the world's stress, conflict, time travel, released monsters, accidents of history, cosmic coincidences, foalbirth, and other such calamities. In short, they consider each other as…

The One Who Got Away/Drifting Down the Lazy River

Two touching stories about the river Fen, its rather shy and alluring seapony residents, and the otherwise ordinary ponies who found their place in life there.

Like I said, the official survey of how many of which books we should absolutely bring because you want them is still forthcoming. If you want one of the above and you can’t make it to Bronycon, don’t sweat it. Once the convention is over, I’ll move them from Lulu’s “Private Access” to “Direct Access” so anybody with a link can buy them off the site (and then I’ll post the link). It will be more expensive because of shipping, and you won’t be able to get those one-of-a-kind author autographed and customized bonus prizes, so show up at BC and bring cash. (plug, plug)

My cost for the paperbacks is running around $7 each after bulk shipping, but expect to pay sales tax and the booth overhead at the convention, so it will be a little more pricey. I might be able to set some of you up with some special unique printings that have valuable collectors value due to typos or printing glitches for some small additional charge.

A couple of quick notes for people publishing on Lulu. The right side of the book (as you are reading) is the ODD page. If you use the Word to PDF converter inside of Lulu, it will can make that the EVEN page, and that will make the gutter margins print on the outside of the page. Since you need a few blank pages at the beginning and end of the book to make Lulu happy, just add an extra blank page in the Word document, then take the resulting PDF and delete one of the blank leading pages. That also works for deleting some of the blank pages Lulu sticks in at the beginning of the converted PDF. Just remember to delete those pages in pairs so you don’t goof up the “Right page is odd” rule. Ahem. About those special books you might want to buy. You have to open them a little more than usual, but they’re still perfectly readable.

Also, Word does a lousy job of putting page numbers on the *outside* edges of the pages to make them fall Left/Right, and then the PDF converter shreds them. Just put them centered. Ahem. About those special offer books…

Also, when you’re making an anthology, be very sure to get everybody’s story listed on the back cover and in the index. Sorry, Skywriter. The second printing will have it right. So about those special offer books again… Oh, and Estee just gave me permission to use Multi-Factor Authentication, so woot!! And more editing on the anthology to get it all in there.

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An editors work is never dun.

I was the Flim cosplayer that meet you at Everfree Northwest. I formally request a copy of each of you books for Bronycon

So, any idea when those're gonna be available to just buy from Lulu?

I'm not going to bronycon soooo... :P

That's because it's mostly red. :derpytongue2:

5066190 After I get back from BC and decompress. Should be fairly soon after.
5066206 Sigh :)
5066182 Ah, I have a face to go with the name now. I'll certainly hold one copy each back for you.

I’m beginning to set up for printing but I’m not sure if I’ll have copies for Bronycon or not.

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