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  • Saturday
    An emergency session

    Just some middle of the night idea I decided to write.

    You said this was an emergency Rainbow Dash? What's going on? *Starlight followed Rainbow Dash into her office, closing the door once they were both inside.*

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  • Thursday
    Not doing my usual stuff this week

    Sorry if anyone was looking forward to my game review but there won't be one this week. I'm not really doing anything that I might usually do this week.

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  • 1 week
    I played Deep Sleep

    Once again I find myself playing a Scriptwelder game. And honestly I love coming back to this creator. Last time it was Don't Escape, and now for their original horror game Deep Sleep.

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  • 1 week
    A Brother's Prerogative

    Been a while, but here's another Blog Story in Fallout's style.

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  • 1 week
    Slightly Different

    As some may have noticed I didn't have my game review up. I actually just got my power back so I couldn't play anything.

    One thing I've liked about my game posts is that at times people will comment with their views of a game, and even recommendations. Some I've tried, others I've not yet tried.

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So ... my friend gave me a challenge (to write clop) · 10:16pm May 26th, 2019

I mean, there's certainly a place to post it on here. Even a group specifically for it. I'm just hesitant to accept the challenge.
I can understand his reasoning for the challenge. I know I could do it too. It wouldn't be cannon to the story.
Sorry, I'm hesitant to bring up the challenge directly.
He's saying I should write some clop, but with set up. I should try to write a relationship that doesn't sound completely unbelievable that leads into clop ... That I should figure out how to get each of the main 6 to hook up with him (separately). :twilightoops:
Part of his overall argument was that it would make me consider each character closely and their individual relationship with James. (Of course he made mention to his namesake (James T. Kirk))
I can see some real value in accepting the challenge and it could improve how I write my story from here (even keeping the ships as non cannon) Part of my hesitation is that I know that I could write it. :twilightblush:
I just want some more input before accepting or refusing the challenge.
He is part of the reason I ended up posting any of my writing here. Another challenge of his. He does these things to encourage my creativity and keep me working on something. He's actually really supportive of my writing and doesn't usually make these kind of challenges.

Update: One of the reasons for this challenge is to force me to take a closer look at everyone's relationship with the OC so their interactions can feel more natural and organic and not just reactionary.

Report Stolenalicorn · 66 views · #clop
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Comments ( 8 )

:rainbowlaugh: Well! If you feel that way, don't do it!

Quite true.
I can still see his point in it, I'm just embarrassed to try.

You'll never grow as a writer if you don't challenge yourself. Write things that make you uncomfortable, write about subjects you normally wouldn't.

Writing is a talent just like any other. Weightlifters only get better by pushing what they can lift. Writers by writing. You should ABSOLUTELY accept the challenge. And remember this, even if it's awful, no one on this site knows who you are. There's nothing to be embarrassed about as there's no one on this site whose opinion matters in your real life.

The only thing I'd do different is pair them together instead of with someone else. paring each of them with an outsider won't help you with their interactions or keep in their character.

Pairing them together has been done so often that I would inevitably wind up mimicking them. Not saying I wouldn't write any of that (I've found a soft spot for TwiDash myself) I'd want to save that for when I'm better at it.
Also I need to figure out how to write relationships. I kind of have Hajime Kanzaka's skill at it, which is to say little to none. It's just kind of implied to be there. As shown in my story as at best you can say ... yeah, it's there.
I should practice and get better, working my way up until I can do some justice to the pairings people care about.

Skill takes time and well, doing it. No one made it to the olympics overnight. (Not that this is the olympics but you get my point).

That's why I say pair them. Not to try and 'do something new' but just because it'll give you the experience of writing two of them in a relationship at the same time. (Two birds one stone sorta speak)

Thank you for the encouragement by the way.

You're more than welcome. I remember when I was at that same spot you're at three years ago. In the end I just jumped in and did it. Then did it a little more and a little more. Soon I was writing TLG lol.

Part of why I started writing this story. I was uncomfortable writing it at first and I've gotten alright at it by now. Most of what I'm writing now isn't rehash (I more than a few chapters ahead of where I am now, I'm rewriting as I post each chapter.) And I'm trying to make the rehash take different routes to the same end or follow up from something established.

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