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Sweet & Smoky · 2:52am May 26th, 2019

Man, there's a lot going on in this ep

Garble being Smolder's older bro. On the one hand, seems a bit hamfisted. On the other, I'm not sure if I would have liked a completely new character made for the spot, especially this close to the end of the series.

I don't mind a Garble-redemption episode, but I really would have preferred it not be a rehash of Bad Seed. Something where Spike finally earns Garble's respect would've been nice.

Fluttershy seems to have gotten over her fear of dragons, but is now even more obsessed with baby dragons. Watch out, Ember, I think she's serious about trying to take them all. And while the idea of Fluttershy, Mother of Dragons is adorable, that's a LOT of potential fire hazard.

Speaking of adorable, Ember blushing like mad when asked if the eggs were all hers definitely was. As was her attempts to "coochy coo" them out.

And yeah, all those newly hatched wyrmlings were darned cute as well. Makes me wonder how the parents know which one is theirs, or if maybe the job of returning the babies is another random duty of the Dragon Lord.

Now, since there's a hatching season, that makes me think there must be a mating season as well, to synchronize all the laying and hatching.

Crackship of the day: beatnik Garble + beatnik Rarity

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