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AMA: Sunset Rising · 6:53pm May 24th, 2019

To Serve In Hell is getting a sequel. Jump through the mirror for a chance to learn more.


Readers asked about a character who was mentioned twice in Hell but didn't appear.

>Hell 1 was kind of a Batman story; I guess maybe Hell 2 is... Superman?

>Maybe you should switch out of the DC universe. Marvel is more fun, and can be serious.

>I dunno if you want to be comparing them to superheroes, lol.

>Maybe that’s not a bad metaphor. Hell 1 was DC; Hell 2 is Marvel.

I don't have a draft, but I have a fair chunk of outline.

>When did this turn into Game of Thrones? Lol

>I’ve always loved epic fantasy novels... I guess I’m letting that flag fly a lot more this time. Plus it helps that I’m trying to write a sequel that stands on its own as a continuation more of the world than of the story. Hell 1’s story is truly over; Hell 2’s story is truly different.

I don't have a release date, but I have the start of a team.

>Hell 1 had its roots in horror (and Batman) and personal things. I feel blessed that I was able to assemble my dream team to work on it, but also quite bad about floundering for a couple years and having to re-forge a new team once I finished discovering how not to write a novel. I approach Hell 2 with a much better sense of what I'm doing, as well as less darkness without & within.

I even have a working title: Sunset Rising

>This could be a really dark moment if Sunset has to kill ponies she would otherwise want to rule over. Er, I mean save. Because unreformed Sunset still has the potential to become our beloved reformed Sunnybuns, and this would be a good moment to make her question the path she's on.

Ask me anything, True Believers. :moustache:

Comments ( 12 )

Do I have to edit again? :raritydespair:

Anything could've been Sunset's turning point, and I'd love to see your take! Hell 1 was absolutely fantastic, and I'll trust you :raritywink:

Honestly, I don't want to ask anything. It'll be more fun to go in blind.

Absolutely not. I take nothing for granted and deeply appreciate everything you’ve already done. Your feedback on the outline is awesome and I would love more, but you know better than anyone how deep this rabbit hole went last time. Whether you’re in on this one in the same capacity or not is totally your call and I’m grateful for all the aid that got me to this point regardless.

Flattery will get you everywhere, darling. :raritystarry:

Mwahaha, soon you’ll know everything... :pinkiecrazy:

Sounds cool. That's not a question, sorry.

No questions is no problem. I’ve got plenty of writing ahead of me, and I’m eager to keep at it!

I'm curious to see where you go with Sunset's story, since there's so much room for creativity. In Dawn for example, we've gone with a time difference at the different ends of the portal, only a few years have passed in EQG, but 25 have passed in FiM which is why Twilight didn't know who Sunset was. We also borrowed the idea of Philomena belonging to Sunset, she was Sunset's test in much the way Spike was Twilight's. I'm also a fan of the idea that Sunset had been sneaking back to see what was going on in Equestria, hence her knowing about Twilight's crown.

So, with that said, obviously you could have her run away, but not to the EQG universe. On the other hand, there's not really a reason for NMM to destroy that mirror, so I could imagine it being abandoned in Canterlot and Sunset coming back to find out what has happened. Since she always wanted to impress Celestia, she needs to rescue Celestia and/or stop NMM first.

That scenario seems the most likely to me, but I am curious to see what you have in mind.

I'm joking, I'd be remiss if I didn't edit part 2, electric scootaloo.

It'll be fun to tell Sunset's story in this 'verse. :pinkiesmile:

The beginning of that story still involves Sunset fleeing through the portal, but it diverges when Celestia destroys the portal out of fear that Nightmare Moon will defeat her and conquer both Equestria & the EqG world. By doing so, Celestia keeps Sunset & the EqG world safe from the Hell that overtakes Equestria.

But as the years go by, Sunset grows increasingly angry and resentful about her permanent exile. She never loses her drive to seek the power she feels she's owed--portal or no portal. And one day, an opportunity at last presents itself...

Together shall we bring ruin to the lapdogs of the False Emperor! :pinkiecrazy:

OC: “You poor deluded fools. Your so-called Princess is nothing of the sort. Everypony just uses that title because they think it sounds cute! One mare ruling all of ponykind with an iron hoof? She’s an Empress! Equestria is an empire being ground under the hoof of the False Empress Celestia! Throw down your idols of the False Empress, my little ponies! See the light that Discord brings! See the light illuminate your idols to show you what they truly are, and DESPAIR! Only in the freedom of Discord can you find true happiness and peace!”

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