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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because... It's just what it's meant to be.... (Taking an extended break from Fimfiction, will most likely not be back for a long time)

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    This account within the next few hours will be terminated. Thank you to all who read my stories. You may archive them if you so wish to do so

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    Reasons why I haven't been active

    I hope you're all staying inside during this whole outbreak that is occurring and I also hope it blows over soon. Now as to why I'm not as active as a used to be.

    Reason #1 should be obvious, the show is over, for now. Have any of you noticed how little activity there's been ever since the shows ending? Yeah, a lot of people aren't sticking around because as I said, the show has ended.

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    Please note that this is subject to change.

    Chapter 2: The Trial

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    Why I might not write MLP stories for a while

    First things first I'm going to say all the words inside my head.

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    Is there any self insert stories where a fimfiction writer is thrown into Equestria.

    Definitely not a hint to the next story Wink But I'm just curious if anyone's really done it before where someone who writes fanfiction is thrown into Equestria and how the ponies handled their arrival... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

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Why am I taking so long · 5:40pm May 22nd, 2019

My motivation to write, to put it simply, IS GONE! One moment it was there, the next it's just *poof* and it's no more. That's why it's taken me so long. Though I have gotten some of it back, so I'll try to finish what I started. Then after everything I'm working on is finally finished... Well, we'll just see what goes on from there. I want to write more stories, but I'm losing interest in the show somewhat, and that's bad. Still, I will try to write more and hopefully, make you all proud

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I’m somehow losing interest in the show as well, and I don’t know why I’m not watching the season 9 episodes, not episode 1 and 2, yet on share mega or any other free watch full episode websites

I normally watch clips of them on YouTube thanks to some YouTubers who upload clips from each episode, but they haven’t uploaded anymore season 9 episodes after uploading clips from the season 9 premiere

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