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Tallest of all the bronies! Maybe. Socal resident that likes ponies, war related things, and the use of the word saucy. Feel free to drop a line or whatever. I love to talk with people. Brony on!

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Head Held High, Semper Fi · 5:59am May 22nd, 2019

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? But I have returned once again! But I come baring some sad news. I did not make it to the end of training and am not a marine. If you'd like to know the why, keep reading. If not, I'll add a tl;dr at the end.

I made it to T30, for those of you who know what that means. I was dropped for failing the PFT2, a physical event that is really important in the marines. What led to that was my getting sick multiple times. (Pneumonia and edema of the lower legs). I spent the max time allowed in the Physical Conditioning Platoon and was dropped for failure to adapt. I got home about a week ago and have been getting things in order since.

If I were to attempt to retry, I'll have to wait 6 months before going to a recruiter. But at this point I don't believe that I'll be trying again. Going through that, I really felt what I could and couldn't do (physically that is). Though I'm sure others could get through easily, for me my age and physicality really showed. It's not for everyone, but I gave it my best and made it as far as I could.

It 100% sucked. But I had a great time going through it and don't regret a single moment of it. I learned a lot about myself and made a lot of great friends there. Both people who failed with me or made it all the way. If you're about to go and have questions or reservations feel free to PM me and ask anything. Though there are somethings I won't tell you in exacts, gotta leave some of the mystery alive, I'll try to give you as real and honest of an answer as I can.

So that's the short end of it. I appreciate the support you all gave while I was gone, I really do appreciate it all. But I'm back. So that means I'm going to get back into the swing of things once more! (I may have been doing some writing stuffs while stuck in PCP) So look forward to updates in the very near future!

TL;DR: I'm not a marine, get ready for more chapters.

Brony on!

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Sorry to hear that but welcome back.

Did better then me could not even pass ASVAB

Damn man, I am sorry to hear that. If it wasn't for Family obligations I would be at the Recruiter first chance I got.

Then again, considering some of the weird ass things my body does (faster heart rate, high BP and what not) that I have had since I was born and have adapted to, I doubt I would get past the ASVAB any way.

Edit: I would likely fail the Mathematics portion of both Computerized and Written tests :facehoof:

It's alright dude, that kinda life is not for everyone. And while you say others could easily do it, trust me when I say that is not true. Out of the whole United states population only 5% ever try out for the military, and out of that only 5% OF that 5% passes marine basic training. I nod my head in respect for you for having the guts to try it.

If your up to it you could always give the other branches a shot. Xd

Been a long time since I have posted and even longer since I saw a post from you my friend. Unfortunate that it was not a rip roaring success you got to share on my end I am finally done with my schooling and training on my end. If only one thing I could offer is that you take the knowledge you have gained and see if you can apply a lot of it to your personal life to make you a bit more efficient if nothing else. Personally that said I was to mentally unsound to join the military way back when I tried to join myself.

In the end though you gave your best shot and that is what matters most of all at least you tried when so many other never even go that far. Looking forward to more silly antics from you my friend and hope you have a very wonderful day.

The exhausted doctor.


At least you got a try at it. I got pumped up and was ready to go, then got told I was 4F after signing up.

Sorry you couldn't make it. But good on you for going for it. At least now you cant regret not trying. For me, the hardest part of bootcamp was getting over the culture shock of the whole thing. The first two weeks I was in a constant state of "what the fuck am I doing here?"

Welcome back, man! Sorry to hear you couldn't make it through, but the lessons you've given us will be put to good use: my younger brother is leaving for San Diego Sunday and I'm going to make sure he reads this post so he knows what to expect come the end of the line.

In other news, I've been hard at work with my own story in your absence, and if I'm being honest, it's a hell of a lot better than it used to be. I also renamed it and redid the title to finally separate it from the piece of trash it used to be.

Good to see you're back, and can't wait to see an update!

5073892 Tell him to get comfortable hydrating. Water saves lives, and they do their best to make sure that you get as much of it as possible. Don't shirk out on it, no one wants the silver bullet and you can get dropped for heat cases. Also, take care of your feet. Baby powder, fresh socks, buy extra pairs so you can keep them in rotation. There are "nicer" socks he can buy, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially in the summer time. They're good, but the difference isn't really worth the price. And they warm you up like crazy. Best of luck to your brother!

Brony on!

P.S. ( for your brother) MAGIC MIKE!

It's great to here from you again, I haven't been very active as of late from personal events so i didn't see this untill now, I'm sorry you failed but happy you returned safe, your story has kept me entertained and happy during past hardships and I'm very glad to see you back and the continuation of miles story. Welcome home.


It’s great to have you here again, and don’t sell yourself short , it takes a lot of guts to even attempt what you did.

Comment posted by ThrowawayCin deleted Nov 18th, 2019

mad praise to you man even tho you didn't make it you gave it your all and that what counts i can count like 30 guys i know that said they they where going to enlist and didn't even see a damn recruiter anyways you have my respect for what its worth

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