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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk.

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In regards of my recent activities (or total lack of thereof...) · 7:38pm May 21st, 2019

This is not gonna be an easy post to write. In fact, I lost count of how many false-starts I got deleted before I decided to just write it raw and post it as such. So, forewarning for bad structure. Anywhoo, let me say the hardest part sio the rest won't hurt as much:

A writer's block that's close to hitting the two years is not something to ignore, and I've yet to see any visible end to it.

The fact that this simple blogpost took me this long is a testimony of that. Over the years, since 2013, I have hit long periods of block. In those, I'd come to msword and write down whatever I have on my mind to turn it into either a short story or a blogpost. That hasn't happened since over a year ago, with another false-start that were those "FiMFiction Stereotypes" posts I made. But even those were just distraction. An exercise at best. yet, nowadays they look like an order of magnitude of what I can do.

And it's not for the lack of trying. Every once in a while, I'd get some reader from "I, Monster" to go and ask me when will be the next chapter get out. Up until now, I'd say "soon", or a recurring "I'm on it", which was the case until very recently, actually. The gdocs page for it is still in my "open with new window" settings, and I once in a while give the done parts a refining. But that's all. At this point, I have to admit there hasn't been an advance in also over a year, if not more if it wasn't for Nightwalker, to whom I've also lost contact because I have a lot of issues going on right now that prevent me from keeping up with anything.

Long story short, I'm currently unable to write. I don't know how it happened, or why, really. It may have something to do with my thesis last year, and my current job. But that last one is what my foreseeable future looks like, so if I can't balance having a job with writing, then the later is pretty much done for now. And I'm self aware enough to know that's not the only reason, but not aware enough to come up with a better reasoning.

Yet, I want to make clear this post is not a goodbye one. I still read fanfics on daily basis, and any comment or PM sent my way, I answer. I don't watch the show a regularly as I wish, but I'm still around that and I'm waiting for G5. The only thing I feel detached from is writing. That means the blog and the stories.

To the readers of "I, Monster", I'm more sorry than I could convey in words, even in my good days, and I also apologize for not giving a better explanation. There was a story in there, between sketchbooks and notes, but it would be disingenuous to show those pieces to you. I won't mark the story as cancelled, because I still have hope, despite everything. Yet, it is in an indefinite hiatus as of now, but I can guess most of you realized that a year ago.

To everyone else with any reason to still b reading this, I'm also sorry. Again, this by no means a goodbye, but it will be a while before I can really say "hello" again.

One last message, from Diego Montes León, a.k.a. Wave Blaster:

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Comments ( 19 )

While this makes me sad, as I was just wondering about the on-going tribulations of Trixie, I fully understand that your job and well-being come before writing stories for the rest of us.

Try going camping. I'm not talking that stuff where you sit in an RV on a bed with your laptop, but camping with friends. Cut off the phones for everything except emergencies for a weekend. Hike up a mountain, go ziplining, or simply walk around cleaning stuff off the ground in the woods. It doesn't matter. I've been on Fimfiction for 5 years, and I would always like to think of story ideas, and I've always found the most interesting ideas came to me in that setting. Of course, I never wrote them down, and, as a consequence, never finished them. I would raid my dreams for fun trains of thought and what ifs to go with. My favorite time to camp is the dead of winter, as an early sunset means early bed, which means lots of time to think about that stuff. Besides, it tends to be less crowded. Can't say it'll work for you, but it would work for me.

I've got little to say other than you should probably change its status to "on hiatus", which is the biggest thing authors forget to do when they enter very long ruts like this.

It's unfortunate that you have to pull the plug on the awesome, but that's how these things go sometimes. When it comes to block and loss of drive to write, I'm right up there with ya. Ever since publishing my latest story a little over four years ago, I too have had little spurts of creativity here and there, but none of those ideas ever took off. The only difference here is that you have a massive, unfinished story that looks to be really eating at the back of your mind, and that's no good.

While we'd all love to just soldier on and continue, but that would mean you wouldn't be writing the story you want to write, and we readers wouldn't be reading the story we wanted to read. The story is just that, a story. I, Monster does mean a lot to myself and many others, but the author, the crazed mind behind all the madness, that means the most. So, If you intend to put down writing for some time, then you truly need to do just that.

Which means forgetting about all of this.

That's a little too blunt, allow me to elaborate. Definitely, keep reading other stories, and keep interacting with people through PM's. But, you gotta take that want/need/desire to carry on, to not fail and let people down, and banish it from your mind. If it remains there to pester you every hour, the situation will remain the same. My suggestion is to utilize any time and energy that would have been spent on writing and apply it towards whatever personal matters need to be resolved and bettering your own situation. Following that, go out into the world and do something fun. Go to the theater, get lunch with friends or family, go camping as that other guy suggested. But don't go into it with a desperate desire for inspiration, because it's very easy to miss something inspirational if you're too busy grasping for it. Not only does creativity need to be organic in origin, but it needs to come naturally and from within as well.

If you do this, I have a feeling things will improve around you. And when that happens, I also have a feeling that the keyboard will start calling your name again.


Okay, let's clear something first. My well being is not at stake here. Lack of creativity or inspiration besides, I'm okay. That's why I feel so bad about being unable to put content up; nothing is really stopping me. But thanks the world for worrying.

Also, I will come back. I'm note even close to guessing when, but it will happen.

Yeah, that's a nice sentiment, and I joined the site and started writing right after a vacation that left me with no access to internet for two weeks. The problem at the moment is that I'm not even close to having vacations at my current (and first) job, and even then, I don't have the money either. but I agree I need a break.

I keep trying, but it keeps asking me to reduce the number of genres, and I don't know which one discard without consulting Nightwalker about it because this story is as much theirs as it is mine.

Oh, you tell me. As I said, until yesterday, that thing was still on my "new window" tabs. I think that's one of the things I have to stop doing for a while. You're right. I could force myself into writing this. but it wouldn't be the same. Hell, forced enough and it would become a worse letdown than not having anything. Like the Star Wars prequels, or Terminator [any number after 2].

So, yeah. For the time being, I'm taking a break. Paraphrasing old Edgar Allan Poe, I can't believe that raven left my chamber door. But he did, and so I should.

Until that cold, midnight dreary finds me again, pondering weak and weary.

Stupid bird.


Ah, the stupid three-genre limit. I guess your story is from before the limit was 3? Probably "adventure" is the one to drop, at least from what I remember of it.

Belated response as just now is when I just saw this post: the dreaded writer's block is something I know all too well... I only found you through your Starmare (me and my weakness for all things superhero-related) story and someday hope for a sequel or a continuation when you can write again. You're very talented and if that means you need a hiatus for a time until you get over this block... You need to do this for yourself.

As I said to my other readers, I'm really sorry for not following up in the foreseeable future. I'm glad you enjoyed Starmare, which got made at the tail end of my better days, so it has to mean something. Thanks a lot for letting me know, and for the support.

In the meantime, I'd recommend you to read James Robinson's Starman. Besides the obvious influences, it's a great story on its own.

I think I got a sledgehammer somewhere to get rid of that writers block if you need it.

Is that a metaphor or am I missing something?

Trying to get a smile or a laugh.

While this is a pity as I'd had your first trixie story in my to read later for quite some time and just now got around to it, know that you will have people waiting for your return. However i cannot stress enough that you should do what you need to first, and worry about us second (or third, or fourth, not sure what your life is like). If you need a multi year hiatus to take care of yourself, take as long as you need, there will still be some of us to welcome you back when you've found your muse again.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read, at least. Nightwalker and I put all the metaphorical blood, sweat and tears on it. Which is probably why I'm taking this leave of absence; I'm dried out of at least two of those things.

But rest assured I'm not forgetting about anything. Hierarchy of worry besides, I do have a plan. Or more like a general idea. The point is that this is not permanent.

And thank you the world for taking your time with me.

I figured, having finally read the 1st story (loved it, want more), and then seeing the status of "I, Monster" I'll put it in Read Later and hope you can get your mojo back. You're quite good.

Thanks a lot. It really means the world to me knowing our happy little 200,000 words about mortality and monsters is still enjoyed.

But I wouldn't have accomplished anything without Nightwalker, even at my best. So, give him some support too.

I know exactly what you're going through. I've been too swamped with life to write in over a year now, and I have frequent writer's block besides. Having cancelled one story and put another on hiatus myself, I know how much it sucks to not know if you will ever be able to finish a story you poured your soul into. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can write again someday.

There should be a support group or something. Though, I can see it having no activity because no one knows what to write on the forum. That was mostly a joke, until about two thirds into typing it. Now I'm one long pause away from declaring that Nietzsche's dead, which he is anyways, so there's that.

Anyhow, thank you for the understanding. Also for reading. My best wishes for you and your writing, pal. Take care.

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