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Chapter in Progress/ What's Next After No Hugs? · 3:35pm May 20th, 2019


Now that I got my rear on my seat and have No Hugs open, I am getting things up and running again with this story that doesn't get updated as often as I want. The game that I am working on has eaten a lot of my time. If there is something that I have learned with working on said inconspicuous project, it is that no matter how in depth my idea(s) get, when Sunday (work day) comes around, very little of it will be accepted. Everything we do is done in very small steps. My team wants to be sure what we do will be compelling for the player.

With this experience I have had these last three Sundays, I believe I now have the capacity to manage my thoughts and not overwhelm myself with the original story I am working on. This means No Hugs can have its own rapid growth in comparison to my game. There is still no set schedule for chapters and there won't be; I will be firm with that.

But what happens after this story? What will come next in my library? Now that is a very challenging question as it will divert attention toward one story/ series over others. The only story I can see coming out following the completion of No Hugs would be a Quill n' Blade universe fic I've been working off and on for over a year now. You don't need to know what the Quill n' Blade universe is to understand the story; it's more of paying homage to where my inspiration stems from. It is near completion, but it being nearly finished conflicts with how No Hugs is also nearing its conclusion. I will be pressing myself to end No Hugs more than my short story as much as I can help it.

Though, working on other projects have been therapeutic, adding more to my To-Do list will create more weight to my shoulders. And I despise myself for making people wait for as long as they have. Time and time again, I get people adding No Hugs to their libraries, reminding me what is not completed. It is a good thing that I have not published any other stories that I've mustered up. Or I would bash on myself more, which is not something any of my readers or myself to do.

There are still plans for other ideas, such as my long-hinted at Somnambula story. But that will have to wait until I get more ideas finished.

Thanks for reading and the patience. Have a great week!

PS: My birthday is tomorrow. I turn 27 and expect nothing else but the change in age and having to renew my driver's license.

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