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Alright all you lucky Chuckle heads! · 5:09am May 19th, 2019

Well Choices is done. It only took me way to long because about a third of the way in I began to hate what I was writing. But I managed to get through it. However, Choices was always meant to be a start of a whole series of stories detailing of the failure of the Sunless to walk away from what they are, monsters. The idea was that the world itself would not let them be anything else. Afterwards there was going to be stories featuring them rising to power and how they came to terms with what they had lost and what they had allowed themselves to become once more.

I failed at that. Choices was a gigantic brutal violent rape fest that I am in no way proud of. But I finished it because I made a promise. That all my stories no matter what would have endings. And I have just told Choices. I do not have the strength to continue in that universe.

However, Someone else might. So I am doing this. I am going to post to as many groups over the next couple of days that might have interested writers and I am going to make the same offer. Take what you want from my story and write your own. Take the characters, add your own, whatever I don't care. What you do may inspire me to continue, but I think I am done with this.

However there are 2 courtesies I would like followed if you intend to write any sequels, retellings, or reboots of Choices.

1. PM me with the link to the story. I want to read what you did and tell you what I think. Even if I hate writing this story I do want to see what others can grow it into.

2. Give me credit for the original idea and inspiring it. Link to the original story and my page please.

I thank you and just to be clear the above are courtesies. If they are not followed I am not going to be too upset on that, nor am I going to make any kind of big deal. I'm moving on after all.

And, who knows, if enough writers create something out of all of this, I may create a group just for the stories that are inspired by choices.


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Comments ( 2 )

I’ll admit, Mina, I haven’t actually read that story. I think I started it, once, but never continued. I might look in to it, see what I think, although as for my writing, my plate is a bit full right now, what with picking up Pony Plots again after all this time. I’ve got a lot I need to do with it and other stories, and nowhere NEAR enough time to do it all in. >.< Still, the idea intrigues me, so I’ll probably check Choices out, again, soon. :raritywink:

EDIT: That moment when you put asterisks beside a word to make italic, and realize that you’ve been spending too much time on Discord, recently. :rainbowlaugh:

Fair enough. Once I get home and over the next couple of days I am also going to throw the offer out to the groups I belong to. The ones that read that dumpster fire of a story got first pick because I firat posted the notice there. My followers are now getting the notice. The groups come last. But, as always, I look forward to whatever you write. Whether it is this or anything else. Have a good one Edge.

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