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  • 57 weeks
    Alright alright alright...

    OK, some long overdue explanations are necessary.

    First off, how 'bout that Rona, eh?

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  • 72 weeks
    Repeat information ch 21 and 22

    Chapter 22, the most recent, was chopped up from leftover information from ch21, which lead there to be a repeat of a couple scenes that exist on both chapters. I've done and fixed it, hopefully at least. If there's any double-ups in information in either chapter, point it out and I'll remedy it whenever I've got the spare time.

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  • 72 weeks
    It's finally done

    One year to the day, chapter 22 has finally been published.

    I'm just glad I don't have to keep you guys waiting any longer.

    Next chapter is in progress, and it will have some art to go along with it. Stay tuned!

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  • 79 weeks
    More unforeseen circumstances

    Don't worry, it's a good thing this time, I promise.

    Greenback, my faithful and stellar editor for the last couple years, mentioned that, the further we get into the revisions, there's less and less that actually needs fixing/changing.

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  • 80 weeks
    Updates and revisions

    I think I mentioned this in my last blog post about revising the story. Not to worry, though, they're only small and will not require you to re-read the story.

    Everything will be low-key, such as streamlining some scenes, tweaking details here and there, and just otherwise making the foreshadowing more relevant to what I've got planned.

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Happenings and shenanigans · 2:37pm May 16th, 2019

OK, so, it's been two months since the last story update and not keeping you guys up to scratch has been eating at me, so I'm just keeping you fellas in the loop.

Firstly, my computer died. Faithful companion of the last several years gave up the ghost and karked it. Gone. Kaput. I'm in the process of getting another PC, but I'm not sure how much longer that will take. I need to renew severely outdated ID to be able to put one on hire purchase. Thankfully, none of my peripherals were damaged, and my games are saved on the Steam Cloud etcetera, so I didn't lose much. Hopefully I can get my tecchie mate to see if it's possible to retrieve my documents and notes and any other files, not to mention my vast collection of pony porn!

Also, work. Not sure if I've mentioned this previously, but I got a job in a 4.5 star hotel! Five days, 40hrs a week. Practically full time. Been able to afford much more in the way of comforts, but at the same time it's late shifts so I normally clock out between 12-1am, get home, play some OG Ratchet and Clank on the PS2, then crash about 3. Doesn't leave me with much energy to get stuff done, honestly. Not to mention I'm pulling extra shifts to cover my supervisor who's on bereavement leave for this week. (Comment F to pay respects.)

Also, I got a pet birb! A white male cockatiel I've named Cockie, after my late great aunt who was nicknamed that because she also had a pet cockatiel haha. Bit of an homage to her. This little guy shits in his water bowl and faceplants into the corner of his cage. It's even funnier to watch when stoned. Super chirpy when playful. (Will post photos and videos at a later date.)

Anyway, hope you guys have been doing well, and I'll see you guys soon hopefully!

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Depends on what was damaged. There's a chance that your old PC is still somewhat repairable. And data on hard disks are rarely damaged, so it's like 99.9% chance all the pony porn is safe and ready to be rescued.

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