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My ability to see what others miss is matched only by my ability to miss what others see.

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Everfreejam Regent · 11:05pm May 15th, 2019

Just a reminder that I'll be heading to EFNW, which means an early morning train to a slightly less early plane tomorrow. As such, expect delays on the next Friendship is Card Games. (Also be careful of spoilers in general given the Italian triple episode release coming up shortly.)

Looking forward to seeing those of you who will be in Seattle! I'll be in the shirt that looks like a Hawaiian shirt made from the shredded remains of other Hawaiian shirts.

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Comments ( 11 )

Hope you have fun and a great time at the con! Keep safe and avoid the con crud if you can.

P.S. Do you still travel with a MTG deck, in case you get challenged Yu Gi Oh style to a D-D-D-Duuuuelll.

A fellow connoisseur of Hawaiian shirts I see?
(Along with Majin Syekoh ( or however the fuck you spell his name))

See you at Everfree

I have packed twenty different decks. I'm a walking tournament arc.

I have to find you there! I'll be the guy probably in a teal jacket with a laptop bag.

Heard that the Voice cast for Season 8 (the student 6, Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer) and Sunni Westbrook (Cozy Glow) will be at Everfree Northwest). You can meet Katrina Salisbury (Yona), Vincent Tong (Sandbar), Shannon-Chan Kent (Smolder) as well as Gallus, Silverstream, and Ocellus' voice actors.

I was gonna say something clever but this just gobsmacked me pretty good. Seriously, twenty?! And I’ve no doubt that you’ve tweaked and playtested them. :rainbowderp:

Seriously though, I hope you have fun at Everfree! And you’re going to BC, right?

Truth be told, several of them are unmodified prebuilt Commander decks. They're my equivalent of Steam games you buy but never actually play. :twilightsheepish:

Not one for cons, but... if ever I get around to writing a story with my papyromancer self-insert OC, I am stealing this line and giving it to him.

Just thought you should know. :twilightblush: Idea is there, but not fleshed out enough to be a full concept. Ducktales may be involved, inquire for details.

Always nice to hear I've come up with something worth stealing. :raritywink: Here's hoping the idea gets further development.

Must look for you, at Con

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