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Author of the Commander Hurricane series (A Song of Storms), co-founder of the Price of Loyalty universe, and overall world building fanatic. Join my discord!

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New Story: Unshaken · 6:02pm May 14th, 2019

I hope everybody is doing well today, because I most certainly am!

I've been on a huge Red Dead Redemption 2 kick lately, and just finished the main story last week. And you know what all of that has gotten me? A huge excitement to turn some of that energy into a horsefic. So, I started writing a little story called Unshaken, in reference to one of the songs that plays at a pivotal moment in the game. But Unshaken is more than just another fic; I also took this opportunity to try something I never have before, and that's writing a comment-driven, Choose Your Own Adventure-style story!

So Unshaken will be an all-new collaboration between me and you, the audience. Each chapter will end with a few choices, and I'll be using the votes of the readers to determine how the story progresses from there. So if you want to have a hand in writing an adventure in Equestria's Wild Wild (South)West, take a look at the new story and toss a vote into the first chapter's poll!

The age of gunslingers is coming to an end. As the law closes in on outlaws across the Equestrian southwest, Kestrel must find a way to help her wanted gang of misfits escape or die trying. [A CYOA Story]
The 24th Pegasus · 170k words  ·  74  4 · 945 views

Special thanks to Ruirik for the cover art, as usual, and special thanks to all of you who read and participate in this story!


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