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    Chapter Update: Long Live The Rebellion

    Chapter Two of Long Live The Rebellion (formerly known as For The Rebellion!) has just hit the streets. Also, I have modified Chapter Four of Kneel Before The Dark Lord to incorporate the introduction of the Terror Troopers, Terror Walkers, and Terror Droids, or at least my version of them, as the Troopers and Droids are equipped with syringes/injectors that pump what amounts to Scarecrow Fear

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    Starkiller Duology: My Plan Going Forward

    Greetings, Gotham, Joker here! Well, it's been awhile since I've done a poost discussing my stories, now hasn''t it? That said, here's what I'm thinking for what I have decided to call the "Starkiller Duology."

    For Kneel Before The Dark Lord, I plan on showing a little bit of the training for the Espada Order, to which I've appropriated a version of a Gray Jedi Code, seen here.

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    New Story: For The Rebellion!

    Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in forever, I, Joker, uploaded a brand spanking new story for your entertainment, this one being a Light Side Remix/Sister Story to Kneel Before The Dark Lord. I give you... FOR THE REBELLION!!!


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    Coming Soon: Trapped In This Machine

    Greetings, Gotham, Joker here! Thought I'd drop in with the long description of my planned E-123 Omega Displaced story, just so you guys know that I am dead serious about making a triumphant return. Hit it!

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  • 3 weeks
    It Begins... again.

    You are not hallucinating. I actually went and uploaded a new chapter for one of my works here, namely Kneel Before The Dark Lord, which is rockin' some kickass new cover art, as seen here.

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Financial Crisis: Asking For Help · 11:26pm May 11th, 2019

All right, let's give these suggestion from the site discord a shot...

My hours at work got cut because of the new corporation that took over the grocery store where I'm a cashier at, and it's hitting me where it hurts: my wallet. As such, my account is in the red, and I still owe for this month's rent. And then to top it off, I just got a phone call from my bank, asking me when I'm going to be in with a deposit due to my negative balance, and when I told them of my situation, they told me that if I can't get the money to get my account balance out of the red, I'm gonna have debt collectors after me! So, please, I beg of every single one of you, help me save my home! Please, I BEG OF EVERY SINGLE YOU, donate to my GoFundMe Campaign so I can get my bills paid and keep the wolves away from my door until I can figure something out about my work situation. And if you cannot donate, then all I ask is your help signal boosting my plight. Thank you.

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Comments ( 4 )

I'm sorry I didn't get read your blog earlier I give you as much as I can for now. I will give you more when I get paid. Stay strong help will come.

I did put up a signal boost blog for you. However, in case you didn't see the other major recommendation from chat: open a Ko-Fi page. It'll give you an extra option, especially for those people who may want to donate from outside the States -- and you'll have a tip jar present just in case of future tips.

Also, you may want to change your GFM page image. That background...

Thank you very, very much.
Thank you very, very much.

Don't have much in the way of spare funds myself, but, led here by Estee, I put up a blog post for what it might be worth. Good luck!

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