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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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    MLP Star Wars

    Hey everybody. So, wanted to ask a question for many of my readers.

    My sister's been getting me to watch a bunch of Star Wars shows like the Clone Wars, Rebels and the Bad Batch. Good shows, I'll admit. Anyway, she also asked if I had any intention of one day doing an MLP Star Wars story. I wanna know if that's something you guys would enjoy.

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    Flash Sentry Pokemon Win Record

    Hey all. So a commenter of mine recently sent this to me and I enjoyed reading it and finding out what it meant, so I've decided to let you all read it as well. The commenter's agreed to let me show you as long as I don't tell you who it was. Everything after the line is what he wrote so, enjoy.

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    Five Year Celebration

    Greetings my friends. Well, it's been five years and over 250 chapters since I first released the Element of Courage. And in that time, we've had a lot of fun. We've laughed, we've cried and we've gotten really angry. And now, to celebrate, my editor Kingjoltik and I have each compiled our ten favourite chapters of the Flash Sentry Chronicles series. First, Kingjoltik's picks. Take it away bud.

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    Five Years

    Five Years ago today, I joined Fimfiction. Since then, I've written many stories and come in contact with many people who are just as big fans of MLP as me. To everyone reading this, I just want to say thank you for letting me be apart of this amazing group and supporting me through the many trials I've faced as a writer and a fan. Thank you.

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  • 188 weeks
    Flash Sentry Chronicles: War of the Lost City

    An evil exists

    "This city."

    That wishes for only one thing

    "It's secrets...will be mine."

    But for every darkness, there exists a light

    Flash let out a massive sneeze, his discharge almost hitting Trixie and Springer, "Eww!"

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To Build the Winning Formula · 7:08am May 7th, 2019

Hey everyone, Banshee here. So recently a friend of mine has been working on his own story, with my help, and it just got approved. All you Flash Sentry fans might enjoy it, so go check it out. It's called To Build the Winning Formula

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Comments ( 6 )

I saw this story a bit last night. It was a very long chapter but it definitely looks interesting.

Well do you mind putting that in his comments. It's his first story and I'm hoping to give him some positive feedback.

I’ll comment as soon as I finish reading the chapter.

Flash as Build... Hmh, not really a role I had expected anyone would think of for him. That alone makes me interested, even if I can't see it myself.

I am definitely planning on reading it, but I don't exactly have the time right now. That being said, will there be FlashLight? :raritywink: Gosh, I'm such a filthy shipper. :ajsleepy:

5054976 I can assure you, there'll be Flashlight plans

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