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Story update · 3:28am May 3rd, 2019

Okay, I have been thinking about where to take my MLP stories for a long time, and it has not been easy. I have few ideas on what to write about anymore, having so thoroughly covered MLP from one side to the other, and the show is coming to an end soon. And so, I need a fresh way to do these stories; a new perspective on Pony, to continue my fanfic universe. I think I may try my hands at some shorter stories, but Ineed to find a balance between what I want to write, and what my readers want to read. Look for a short story or two coming this weekend, as well as a blog entry on the whole 'Grogar continuity mess the final season has brought up. Anyway, hope to talk to all of you soon, thanks for reading.

Keeping the torch burning for G1,

Paradise Oasis

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... Grogar continuity mess? What're you smoking?

I meant with my stories. I introduced grogar in my fanfic universe before the show brought him in, and his story in my fanfics does not match the FiM series.


I think what Paradise is bringing up is that there is no mention of Tambelon with him along with the fact that there was no Gusty when it came to the original Grogar, the Grogar folks like Paradise and I grew up on.

Yes, Storm Luna, Thank you. :)


You're welcome. I will admit, I like G4 Grogar but I honestly wish they had went off of the Grogar I remember instead of the one that Twilight brought up in that book in "A Flurry of Emotion." When I heard Grogar was coming back, I was hoping so much that in the very beginning of the season premiere, that it would show an area where the ground would quake and then Tambelon would rise again....and then Celestia would summon the Mane Six and rather than doing the whole "Oh we're going to retire" thing, let them know what happened, including the other evils Grogar had join him. And I know this is the G1 fan in me but I was really hoping they'd bring Bray back too.

Yeah, Grogar and tirek were so much more badass and intimidating in the original G1 cartoon.

Also, I have a way I am dealing with the FiM/G1 discrepancies, which I will cover next entry- thoguh for my stories, if the two disagree, G1's continuity takes first priority.

There was a Gusty in G1, but I guess she wasn't in that episode?

she was, but she had little to do with grogar's defeat. Megan and North star destroyed grogar's bell, and banished him and Tambelon back to the dark dimension.

Er, I grew up with it too. I wish I still had it, but when I was very young I had a G1 Surprise that I stole from my older sister and hid in the closet my mom would lock me in. She was my friend. c:

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