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Why No Updates? · 11:13pm May 2nd, 2019

Long story short, I got hit by a car.

Old guy didn't see my bike, went straight into the back of it, me and my girlfriend were knocked off. We weren't seriously hurt, but the bike was trashed and written off by the insurance company. Those of you who followed my first story on FiMFiction will know how much I loved that bike, and how long I waited to finally be in a position where I could own one.

Well, now it's gone.

Forgive me if I'm not in the mood for writing right now. :fluttershyouch:

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Comments ( 38 )

Fu#kin ass#les
At least nothing happened to you
Don't worry you will get your bike back someday

Damn, I hope you're both okay and sorry about your bike

It's amazing how many drivers completely miss seeing bicycles & motocycles

I'm sorry dude. I hope the insurance gave ya enough to get something just as nice.

And really glad you and your GF are okay. Usually those accidents end up pretty bad, even with full protective gear. Thank your lucky stars.

Take your time man sorry to here that

The hell is wrong with people lately? Not paying attention to the road while driving is a surefire way for things to go wrong.

Jesus man, I'm glad you're alright. Don't worry about writing, all your fans care way more about your health than some pone words. Speedy recovery bud.

Damn, I'm glad to hear that you and your girlfriend are alright. I've heard too many horror stories from a family friend of all of the motorcyclists she's had to help life flight.

That is horrible luck, and a really rude insurance company.

Damn! I was looking at your stories just yesterday to make sure I hadn't missed any updates. I'm very glad to hear that you two are okay - clearly it could have been much worse.

Glad you and your girlfriend are okay. Holy shit. I don't blame you for not being in the mood.

so is your name just going to be Pon3 now?

shit i hope you clean the old fart out after all he hit you.

Damn.. :ajsleepy: Fuckin lame.
Glad you're ok though mate

Glad you and your gf are okay.

Sucks that some people can't keep their eyes open for motorcycles.

Sorry bout the bike, however at least your okay.


Thanks for the kind words. We're both fine, just a little bruised up.


so is your name just going to be Pon3 now?

This is mean... but mostly hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll get another R1. Just might take a while. :eeyup:

I am glad you two are fine! I would rather seeing you lose the bike then your life. A Bike can be replaced, a Life can not!

Who knows? Maybe Lady Fate did this for a reason?

Dan #19 · May 3rd, 2019 · · 1 ·

Reminder that helmets save lives.

Hitler never wore a helmet. You don't want to be like him, do you?


I lost my first nice car much the same way...

Traffic was stopped for a stop light. I stopped for the light. The car behind me stopped for the light. The truck behind that car didn't, and hit that car hard enough to total my car. :raritycry:

Be well. Mourn as you need. Shake that fist! We'll be here for you.

EDIT: Just the other day I was wondering about J'Adore... Shachza finally puts 2 and 2 together.

I know how it feels to lose a bicycle with a special connection to it, mine got stolen during the night a few years back that was given to me by my grandfather. Good to know you’re okay

Damn man, I ride a motorcycle (Honda Shadow) and that's always my nightmare. Glad to hear you're both okay, and it's heart breaking to hear about the bike. Be well, and hope to see you back in the saddle when you feel up to it.

You can always just get a new one, can't you?

Don't bikes cost a lot though?

Glad you're both alright. Sorry about your bike though.

I was talking about his girlfriend.

OK. I thought you meant his bike.

Sorry to hear about the bike, glad you're alright though

So sorry to hear that! Glad your safe but really sucks about your bike. Hope insurance can cover for another.
Weird thing is, my car was hit by a guy in a motorcycle last week. He and his bike were fine, but put a nice hole right by my gas cap.

Shit man I'm sorry about your bike but at least you and your girlfriend weren't seriously hurt. When I got hit by a car I got a broken leg, arm and collar bone out of it.

Hey, sorry to hear about your runin with the trouble there. What kind of bike was it? (looking through seeing its an R1) what year?

Sorry about that, but I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. Hope you manage to get a new one eventually.

There's a crap ton of used motorbikes for sale near me at good prices. (I think they're good, not a biker myself)
If you're anywhere near the Detroit Metropolitan region I can send you some listings that aren't online.

Just remember, bikes can be replaced girlfriends can't... well TECHNICALLY can be replaced but... You get what I mean.

Glad you're both ok.

Man, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad y'all are okay. Rest up and recover mate. We'll be here.

09 crossplane. It was a nice bike :ajsleepy:

I'm from the UK. Bit far for me :rainbowlaugh:

Don't fret now. As a fellow biker, I'm actually already putting the feelers out and about for you to look around to see whats available. Its like having the wings clipped against your will. I had to sell my baby to move to Aus and the other baby is back home and unable to transfer down here cause tis too much *Triumph Rocket III with Turbo*

Theres a solution. just have to take a different perspective to find it sometimes.

I do so how you are alright!

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