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    Chapter 22, Patreon Changes, and UBOAT

    Hey, hey, people. Gold here. It's been a fair while since I got an update out, for... reasons. Not good reasons, I guess, but you know how it is.

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    Completed Audiobook and a Year of SH!

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    Chapter should be out soon, 15k words. I'll push it as soon as my editors give it the ol read-through!

    And don't forget to wash your hands!

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    Sunset's Isekai Chapter Released!

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EH Side Story: The Lost Student · 5:33pm May 1st, 2019

Hey, buckos! I've got some great news! First off, just wanna let you all know that progress on Sunken Horizons is going smoothly. I've pretty much finished the second chapter draft, and I expect the third one to flow easy. You can expect the story out soon!

More importantly, I have a side story! The lovely PsyonicG, one of my most faithful readers, has long been enamored by the concept of Twilight and her dark passenger, who she likes to refer to as "Twyrd." We've spent long hours talking about the two characters, and she's even had some not-insignificant influence on the direction Twilight will take later in the story.

But that wasn't enough for her. Good ol Psy was so inspired by their relationship that she's decided to take the story of Twilight into her own hands! And so we have EH's first official spin-off, The Lost Student.

If you're a fan of character-focused stories, Twilight, or the Horizonverse at large, then you should check this fic out. Psy is great at character development and has a ton of original ideas, and she's got my approval. I know I've been enjoying it so far! Keep in mind by the way that this story isn't canon—it's Psy's own interpretation of the relationship between Twilight and the Other, and I'll be writing a canon version myself. Consider it an AU!

As always, you can support me on Patreon to help me write more, or join the Discord to talk about either of these stories or the world they're set in. We always welcome fresh opinions!

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I was just wondering about the second book.
Looking forward to it! If it is as good as the first, it will likely find itself a home on my favorite shelf.

Finally it's released I've been waiting 2 whole hours

Nice. I'll certainly check this out. Good call on putting a post up that is keyed to your story as I had no idea the other one existed.


Who's the smuck now?!

Thanks for the shoutout Gold!

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