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    A Captain’s Lament is now LIVE!

    It’s now LIVE, go have read and Tell me what you all think, Like, Dislike, ETC!

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  • Wednesday
    New story release and update!

    Okay so first off, due to a previously mentioned Google Docs issue I have lost four chapters of the story I had mentioned two blogs ago. This has significantly delayed it and I am really sorry about that everyone.

    On a happier note, I will be releasing a new one shot in......Eleven hours give or take? This is gonna be my longest One shot to date and if it does well enough I have plans!

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    Update on a story

    As mentioned in my previous blog post I am working on a new story, there has been a delay (unintentional as it was and last second) due to a friend pointing me to an artist for cover art.

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    The Shadow walker comes.

    Prepare my friends, for a Man trapped in a world not his own, hounded by those who think him a monster for actions he took in his own defense.

    Watch the shadows, for He Walks them on a path of blood and tears.

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    Our Anthem of friendship and family!

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A good Author needs some help! · 4:05am May 1st, 2019

A good Author on this site by the name of Inspired Rarity just got Slapped by the Fish of life and is in need of help to keep up their Lease and keep the lights on! So if you have a few Dollars to spare send it their way!

Their Ko-Fi can be found HERE
And the Blog post that brought this up can be found HERE

Comments ( 15 )

I'm sorry but I don't have any money to donate.

Also no, he isn't good. Well, he's good and bad, it's hard to say what he is overall. He just conveys not liking people and their stories in the most aggravating way possible, people get mad and dislike his stories, he says he's sad for getting harassed and soaks up as much sympathy as he can like a sponge. That and he insults and blocks everyone who disagrees with him or even does nothing wrong at all.

I would like to say I think he's good and I want to help, but I just find him so unlikable that I can't get myself to do it. Sorry.


Well this is the first I have heard about this, I have disagreed with him more then once and have not been blocked nor have I been insulted.

I will admit he has a bit of a flair for the Dramatic and yes he is a bit Aggravating, but I have also seen some of the Shit posting people have done against him. It seems more like a two way street if I am honest.

But his stories and writing is decent/borderline good and if he truly is about to lose his lease then at least SOME support should be leveled to him regardless of it being Monetary or not and regardless of what he does.

Well I've been block so there's nothing I can do. The other problem I didn't mention is he acts anything he says is right for no reason other than because he said it. He's just so self righteous and opinionated.

And he's more than just a bit aggravating. seriously, read this and tell me you don't feel a little mad.


True, I also remember that Comment but I never got the chance to reply to it. It did piss me off at the time, so I think though as late as it is I am gonna comment on it.

I mean that was originally what got me mad at him, but I just shrugged it off at first. Until I started seeing him everywhere. To be honest, when I can get that mad at a comment, I should probably think about my goals on this site. Most authors would just delete the comment and block people who comment on their stories like that. He would've been fine if he stopped there, but he didn't he also made fun of anyone who disagreed with him. In fact you're probably going to if you respond to it. But he still didn't even stop there, he also said that the author would even tell you it's bad himself.

What makes this especially funny is when people comment like that on his stuff, he gets mad about it. He'll disrespect other people's stories but when people do the same to his, he insults and blocks them.


Then that's His opinion and you know the saying "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink" though I admit some stink worse then others.

If he Blocks me for a comment then oh well, I will just move on. I have had my own fair share of bullshit but I also try not to hold grudges as they only hamper me in the end.

Truth be told? every Community has people like him and others, it's just the way it works sadly.

You're probably right. I'm just gonna ignore him. I already blocked him so he can never comment on my stuff. Now this might all sound like I'm attacking him, but I'm not. I'm just saying he annoys me.


Yeah I know, if it were an attack I would have seen much more swearing :rainbowlaugh:

But really, regardless of what he has said or done I can't really NOT at least do this much. It would go against my morals.

I understand. I won't try to stop anything you feel must be done.

I was just trying to show you there's a reason those downvote brigades as he calls them follow him.


True, I might just be one of them soon. but in all honesty? I have seen worse.

If I were you, I wouldn't even waste my time on that guy. I already wasted too much of mine and it's clear to me that he's just gonna be a degenerate until his time here is up.

This is kind of unrelated but I sometimes feel like he wants to have the lowest reputation ever. But then why would he be unhappy when people downvote his stories?

To me, it doesn't matter how talented an author is at writing. If they're always unlikable, It absolutely kills their stories.

But you're not like him. You seem pretty cool, so I think I'll check out your stories if you even write anything and upload it.


Thanks, I will be posting one likely Tomorrow.

I have been around the Internet for......what? some 14 or 15 years? I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst and because of that if I can help someone improve then I at least try.

I have seen people who thrive on horrible reputations, if done right? it can be better then having a a GOOD reputation.

Well if succeeding means having a low reputation then I'm gonna be a failure with a high reputation.

All I'm trying to say with this is be careful who you trust. Though if you've been on the internet that long you're probably aware there are shady people you need to look out for. Whether they're a degenerate or even dangerous. I don't really think this guy is dangerous by the way, just unlikable.


Agreed, though he is Dangerous if to nothing more then new writers.

I'm not even gonna listen to him.

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