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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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  • 23 weeks
    Another new story! (Now Live)

    Hey y'all, just letting you know I have another new story in the auto-approve queue. It should be live soon! Hope you enjoy it!


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  • 24 weeks
    New Story! (RELEASED)

    After a very long time in the making, a new story is in the auto-approve queue, and should be showing up any moment! Keep an eye out, and enjoy when it does pop up! (It's available for reading now and tagged.)


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  • 35 weeks
    New Double Feature Stories!

    So, I decided to participate in the Incest is Wincest Double Trouble contest, and gave two submissions to Shakespearicles' contest.

    The first one can be found here:


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  • 74 weeks
    Final chapter's up

    As it says above, final chapter of 'Celestia's Lover, Celestia's Broodmare' is up. Sorry it's a short one, but the commissioner thought the story was getting a bit long in the tooth and asked me to summarize the last chapter. Also sorry for not posting yesterday, was busy. Thanks again to my commissioner, all of you for reading, and especially thanks to those who've read my other stories as well

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  • 74 weeks
    Time for the second to last chapter!

    As it says in the title, this is the second to last chapter in 'Celestia's Lover, Celestia's Broodmare'...and it's quite the doozy of a chapter too! Old Ponish traditions are weird...

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Second submission for 'Incest is Wincest: April 2019 Sibling Incest Contest' Released · 6:47am Apr 30th, 2019

As said, this is my second submission for the contest and is now live. I am entering it into the Incest is Wincest! Siblings Incest Contest with a story about Sweetie Belle and Rarity. I'd very much appreciate it if you could give it a thumbs up even if you don't read it, as that would help me immensely.


Sweetie's Rare Treat

Rarity is interrupted from her work by a very noisily moaning Sweetie Belle who should be sleeping. Rarity knows that her sister is a futa, a rare mare who has both a functional male and female reproductive system, and that her own estrus is likely aggravating her sister's libido.

Rarity soon discovers her sister's condition after checking on her, finding that Sweetie is in her first estrus, and that her duel instincts are making her miserable. With Rarity being the Element of Generosity and also in her own estrus, she gives her little sister the only gift she can at that time.


In the process, Sweetie also gives her sister a rather unexpected gift too.

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