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Skipping my Monthly Status Blog this month..... · 3:31am Apr 30th, 2019

....to refer everyone back to my blogs, a couple months ago, about depressiion.

Since the middle of last week, I have fallen into another bad depressive episode. The new dog is helping in that at least I have a cuddle buddy and emotional support anchor, but she came along right at the worst part (the part where I don't get out of bed, don't feed myself, and don't even bathe myself). The part where it hurts to even THINK about doing anything.

I'll be OK, I'm talking things out with the people who care the most about me and I might try to get the doctor to fix me up with a stronger AD, it's just that right now it's hard to do anything because of this thick heavy fog in my head that's pressing down on me and won't let me just live.

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You have friends, and that's the important thing. And your dog has total faith in you, can't argue with confidence like that, eh?

I have no doubt Sugarfoot is gong to do all she can to try and help as best she can.

Good to hear you have some physical support. I wish voices on the Internet could do more for people in general.

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