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Greetings, Mares and Gentlecolts. I am someone who enjoys writing stories for fun, and sometimes, for all of you. I enjoy video games, movies, anime, and MLP. I hope to get along well with all of you.

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Avengers: Endgame Review (Feat. Saberking2012) Part 1 · 12:12am Apr 29th, 2019

Saberking2012-Ten years…

GhoulDash97-It has been almost 11 years now…

Saberking2012-We watched these heros grow…

GhoulDash97-We watched them come, we watched them go…

Saberking2012-One started it…

GhoulDash97-One ended it…

Saberking2012-I’m Saber.

GhoulDash97-And my name is Ghoul.

Saberking2012-And this is our review of Avengers: Endgame.

GhoulDash97-But this is a disclaimer for anybody who has not seen this movie yet. This will contain spoilers, and anybody who is about to read this, click away while you still can. This will be a full in-depth analysis of Avengers: Endgame.

Saberking2012-And we do mean in depth. I’m sure you noticed that part one was mentioned at the beginning. Well, this movie has so many details, so many point that we need to make this a two part to explain it all. With that said, let's begin…

The prologue shows us the home life of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, aka Ronin (played by Jeremy Renner). His family vanishes in an instant, victims of the cliffhanger from Infinity War that wiped out half the souls in the universe. Where Infinity War ended with the devastating scene of beloved heroes turning to dust, this scene drops us right back in the devastation as real people vanish.

GhoulDash97-Within five minutes, it shows is the tone it's going for. Granted, it does lighten up as the movie progress but it shows us that the movie is not playing games and that. After that, it begins with the aftermath of Infinity War. Everybody is licking their wounds and counting their losses from both sides. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is with Nebula awaiting their demise on the now-destroyed Guardians’ ship while Captain America and his faction of the Avengers are in their building, trying to figure out what to do next. Before Tony Stark and Nebula kick the bucket. Captain Marvel appears out of nowhere and brings them back to Earth with their lives.

Saberking2012-Witch(while not surprising) is pretty obvious considering the events of the last Marvel movie, we all knew she would be involved somehow. I just didn’t expect her to appear so soon… Nevertheless, they return back to planet earth where things don’t fare much better. To make a long story short, half the world(Universe) is gone, everyone is(Understanbly) upset about the whole ordeal and to an extent, things fall apart rather quickly. Especially with Tony himself.

GhoulDash97-The way he acted wasn’t pretty. He was reeling from the loss of Spider-Man and everyone else who fought with him on Planet Titan. He raved madly at Captain America about how they would fight to the bitter end as stated in Age of Ultron. After getting put in a medical bed, the rest of the movie focuses on Captain America and his teammates as they fight to undo what Thanos did to the entire universe. It’s gonna be a doozy of a review, so clench your cheeks and buckle up.

Saberking2012-Witch while I understand where he’s coming from(especially after the events of Infinity War), you can’t 100% side with him either was Cap isn’t wrong. Especially with what happens later down the line. And then we get to Captain Marvel and Thor.(this should be interesting…)

GhoulDash97-That one scene in the trailer where I cringed at the moment Thor said he liked Captain Marvel. After assessing their priorities, they head towards Planet Titan II where Thanos takes residency as a farmer somewhere. It didn’t take the Avengers long to find out where Thanos was hiding, but it all went south as the Infinity Stones were missing on Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. They were able to kill him, but it was a hollow victory for what was next to come.

Saberking2012-(Huh, I expected a bit more… okay)Well, that’s the understatement of the bloody century. A)As they arrive, they literally restrain him with little effort. B)Demand to know where the Infinity stones are and C… Well, to put it lightly, Thor took what he said in the last movie and did exactly that. All that within the span of 15 minutes(In movie)! To say I was speechless would be putting it very lightly.

GhoulDash97-But it gets better. The Hulk and Bruce Banner have meshed into Professor Hulk to say the guy is comical would be like comparing butter to maple syrup. The guy looks like Shrek if he finally decided to work out and take steroids. Thor, on the other hand though, looks like a frat boy and Lebowski meshed into one and is currently living near a pier called New Asgard with his two former teammates: Korg and Miek.  In one bit of his first appearance in the movie, he was trash-talking a player on Fortnite and has the behavior of a child from Call of Duty.

Saberking2012-Um, Ghoul… You might wanna explain how it got to that point. We did leave out quite a bit of info.

GhoulDash97-Right. It’s a long review. Anyway, ever since Thor failed to kill Thanos(the first time but success the second time), he has fallen into a rut and is now coping with his life by living on a frat-boy diet consisting of pizza and beer. It had to take Hulk and Rocket Racoon to snap him out of his lifestyle of self-pity and remorse for failing to aim for the head. And this is where we lead into Hawkeye who is now known by the new name: Ronin. In the beginning of the film where he and his family were having a picnic outside their house, his entire family was killed by the Snap and this is where he finally snaps. After killing several Yakuza members in Tokyo, Black Widow convinces him to come back with her to the Avenger’s Building.

Saberking2012-Out of the all the characters(outside of Thor), Hawkeye is one of the characters that had the drastic change to him. Between losing his family, having little left to fight for and everything in between, he resorted to being a… hitman so to speak.

GhoulDash97-Oh, did it escape the fact that Tony Stark has learned how to time-travel without even trying? Captain Marvel comes to save the day when the movie requires her to do so while taking a leave of absence for the rest of the movie (thank the lord…) and the galaxy’s entire salvation was predicted over a billion chances by Doctor Strange. He knew what was coming, didn’t he? This beats out any time-traveling story from Back to the Future. That's going to be an important part much later.

Saberking2012-Speaking of time travel, this we're not going to get into Loki disappearing(again?) or Gamora  coming back(so to speak) to life or Thanos dying before he even snaps the snap because quite frankly, time travel is arguably, the most insane plot device in story history. That and I really don't need the headache. Let's just agree that time travel is cheating. It was cheating when Trunks from DBZ(the original, not Super although it's just as guilty) did it then and it's cheating now. I have yet to find a time travel story done correctly.

Ghouldash97- You have to admit that it was fun though, right? While pseudoscience can be sleep-inducing, it does add to the satisfaction near the climax. Put one and one in time-travel, and you got yourself a huge nostalgic trip throughout the iconic scenes of the MCU. We will look over any amount of quantum codswallop for the sake of Marvel’s Greatest Hits. I have no idea why, but they decide to aim for the Mission: Impossible plot of searching for the Infinity Stones and we learn that Hulk hates stairs. This brings us to the bit of the first Avengers movie I never saw for the first time all the way to Thor: The Dark World (to which everybody can agree that it is one of the worst Marvel films to date alongside Captain Marvel) along with Morag from Guardians of the Galaxy where Star-Lord danced like an idiot. Oh, and there’s this out-of-place, random trip to the 1970s where we get the final Stan Lee cameo we will ever see for the rest of our lives.

Saberking2012-From what I understood, it was a bit of an Easter egg although I could be wrong. Also, it does bring a bit of a father/son relationship which was very welcoming. There's also this scene with the remix of The Winter Soldier's iconic elevator fight is genius.  Captain America fighting himself and checking himself out is absolutely priceless. With that said, we should mention where and when the characters are as well. Point A, B and C if you will.

GhoulDash97- Point A is Steve, Ant-man, Hulk, and Iron Man. Point B is Hawkeye and Romanoff and point C is Rocket and Thor. This is going to be a doozy so bear with me.

Point A starts out with Iron Man, Ant-man, Hulk, and Captain America going through the Battle of New York in the first Avengers movie. Point B is Hawkeye and Black Widow heading to Vormir as seen in Infinity War. And Point C has Thor and Rocket going through Asgard in Thor: The Dark World. As Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain America head to the soon-to-be Avengers Tower to retrieve Loki’s Scepter and the Tesseract, Hulk heads to Bleecker St. to retrieve the Time Stone from the Ancient One in the year 2012. Thor and Rocket proceed to find and extract the Aether (Reality Stone) from Jane Foster in 2013. Heading back to the year 2014, War Machine and Nebula go to Morag to retrieve the Power Stone before Star-Lord can find it. But we will not forget where Hawkeye and Black Widow to find the Soul Stone…

Saberking2012-And this will conclude part one. There’s a lot more to go over but we spent about three hours on this part alone and there’s the ending… Oh boy, that’ll be interesting. It’ll be up by tomorrow at the very latest. Thank you guys for checking this out and we’ll see you guys later.

GhoulDash97-We apologize for this but we need a break since we finished it at ten and wrote this until one so it’s a bit draining. That and the next part will be much longer.  This is GhoulDash97 and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Honestly, I'm a little upset this got no views... somehow. I'm not gonna continue the review for now. You can if you wish but I dont have time nor the energy to do so.

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