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    I actually got really emotional. The past 10 years of my life have been kinda defined to a degree by these movies.

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Endgame · 8:46am Apr 27th, 2019

I actually got really emotional. The past 10 years of my life have been kinda defined to a degree by these movies.

Actual potential spoilers below for both Endgame and Applejack: Marvelous. I mean it. Continue at your own risk.

Well that ending rather shafts the plans I had for Capplejack.

I was leaning towards the idea of Steve and AJ getting together, the both of them finding healing in each other over everyone and everything they'd lost. And while I still like that idea, I'm less inclined to do it now, on account of the very end of Endgame having Steve go back in time and spending his life with Peggy. I don't want AJ to be the Mary Sue that inserts herself into Steve's life and rips away his and Peggy's happy ending just so she gets a happy ending.

I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to handle that now.

Also, damn, Steve, why you gotta do Bucky like that? I mean, Sam's great and all, but wow. You kinda just slapped your oldest friend in the face there...

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Comments ( 11 )

Yeah but we’re also firmly in AU territory here on out. No shame in saying there are no time travel shinanigans this time around unless you intend to follow endgame beat for beat. But i always felt the ethos of Applejack Marvelous was to have her presense disrupt events.

If you really wanted you could even say that her arrival is an unintended consequence of loki escaping with the tesseract in 2012 (which the movie never explained actually)

I saw it earlier today myself and I say go for it, do that pairing. You could have AJ catch the end of the fight or see the elder Stark. Plus you could use this as a way to have Cap fix the messed up incident. Don’t hold your characters to how they end up in the movie. By adding a new character you are going to change how people act in certain situations. Maybe AJ can call out Tony or Ross for the whole registration crap.

Even if you wanna go with canon you can still have them get together for a bit. Even if it's not forever they can still have some time together.

Having finally seen the movie...

You threw a pebble into the pond to watch the ripples. Some of them might tip over a nice looking lily pad, but that's the way things go. Granted, the romance between these two might not pan out in the long run, but it's the principle of "No story is worth a scene" at work. That's not the actions of a Mary Sue, that's just life. Things don't always work out the way we want or expect them to.

Well I for one would not be opposed to Capplejack. Even assuming the snap still happens they could still get together over the 5 years afterwards. And then you could send them to Vormir :pinkiecrazy:


How about Cap gets dusted and AJ must deal with his “death”. Picture her in Caps role and picking up his shield during the time skip.

Well, seeing as we the readers have not seen AJ find out if Heimdahl can see Equis (or how ever you called her world) OR have her talk to Dr Strange. We don't know if there is the possibilty of her going home.

Another option is to have AJ be dusted: and when the UnSnap happens, she waked up back in Equestria in her pony form (wether there are time shenanigans is something else).

The implication is that everyone who got snapped came back where they were at the time of the snap. Quill didn't wake up on Earth, after all. He, Strange, Parker, et al were still on Titan.

Don't feel constrained to follow the plot of the MCU. In fact, I'd recommend against it as you'll have to constantly measure yourself against them (which is a tough act to follow). You have the opportunity to make the readers say "wouldn't it be neat if things had happened that way". Ultimately, I think, the plot probably ought to involve Thanos and the Infinity Stones, but how you approach that can be entirely different. The strength of these sorts of stories is how you have the building blocks to make something new. Figure out how events change as a result of AJ, and how that impacts what the movers and shakers like HYDRA and Loki scheme. Make changes, go wild! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

From context your gave here, it seems that you wasn't planning to bring Applejack back to Equestria, but instead leave her with Cap in human form, if so, you always can bring her back in time as well and manipulate the story from there.

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