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I just got back from my yearly medical checkup. Turns out I don't have any internal organs... just some nasty, gunky shit.

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Hello to those who still follow me. · 2:33pm Apr 26th, 2019

Been a while hasn't it? I'm not exactly how long it's been, too lazy to see and I'd rather not cringe.

Anywho, I'm well and fine. Better than I used to be that's for sure. It's been weird ever since High school ended for me two or three years ago. I've just been on this... Weird trip where nothing at all happens and inspiration to write in my fics is nonexistent. I think it's safe to say that I'm done with solo writing, it's just not fun and it really is a hell of a hard time working alone.

Lately I've been working with a friend, known here as ExoDemonG, and we've been co-writing a few things such as Molten Fox (and it's rewrites) and it's been more enjoyable than writing alone.

I guess that's all I wanted to say... If anyone has anything to ask (no joke questions please) I'll be happy to answer it as best I can...


What? That was it. It's done. Now leave me to crawl back into my hidy hole. Like a molerat... Or a rat... Or a washed up has been.

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Comments ( 3 )

Good to see you back

Twas either that or leave fim fiction entirely.

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