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    New Infiltration chapter out now

    Comment driven changeling mind control futa smut written by me, new chapter out now, you probably know this already.

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  • Saturday
    New Infiltration chapter tomorrow

    As you may or may not know, I have a comment-driven story called Infiltration going on, which I'll tag in this blog. Futa changeling mind control smut for those curious, with what seems like it'll be a slow burn and still a lot of potential to go in different directions. The next chapter, around 6.5 thousand words long, will be posted roughly 18 hours from now, so look forward to that.

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  • 2 weeks

    Hurray? Honestly I'm just making this because I feel like I haven't made a blog in a while. Feel free to use it as a Q&A or something.

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  • 11 weeks
    New Infiltration Chapter

    For those who don't know, I have a comment-driven story called Infiltration, and I'm releasing a new chapter in like 10 minutes. It's anthro mind control futa changeling smut.

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  • 11 weeks

    Hurray, I guess.

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Allow me to rant for a moment · 4:54pm April 23rd

I am completely in favour of having emotional scenes in porn. Hell, some of my favourite stories on the site have emotional moments in them. But it really, really annoys me when someone tries to shoehorn in a poorly constructed and thought out "emotional" scene in a fetish-fest porn-logic story. I don't have a problem with those stories, in fact I rather like them, but when you try to force in emotional weight that relies on how the real world works you're doing something wrong. It lessens my enjoyment of the porn, because you make me think of the actual consequences when the story up until there didn't care, and I can't fucking feel the emotion when this narrative universe clearly doesn't give a fuck about this shit. It's tonally dissonant as fuck and it's annoying. It's like if a Looney Tunes cartoon suddenly had a character death played straight, without it being the setup to a joke. Neither is bad, but they don't fit together.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 2584 words of princest to hammer out, so I'll be listening to one of the greatest albums of all time as I do.

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