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Just someone who read a fic and loved it, and now I'm stuck wanting to read more.I might even try to write a story or two.

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    Now its been awhile since I last updated any of my stories since my teeth-breaking accident. So lets get that out of the way first.

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    Got into a car accident with my brother an hour ago(someone cut us off) and ran into a pole. He's fine, he's car isn't fine and I smashed my face into my laptop breaking my front teeth.(Laptop fine though, just has teeth marks near the camera now... that bugs me)

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Updates all around!... Hopefully · 1:06am Apr 23rd, 2019

Now its been awhile since I last updated any of my stories since my teeth-breaking accident. So lets get that out of the way first.

My two front teeth are still broken and its gonna cost me 1600.00 just to fix one of them. Together they 3200.00 total to fix...yeah that much. Take care of your teeth kids cause its gonna cost you an arm and a leg to fix them. Anyway, I been trying to get overtime at work in hopes of getting the money I need faster, so I haven't focusing on writing too much.

But today, I decided to change that and put more time into my writing again.

Now these updates won't come in the order I mention but first up is...

A Hollow Tale. I'm redoing the first four chapters I written so far. See, those four chapters were once part of a one larger chapter that was cut up into smaller chapters to get them out faster. It was a mistake on my part, because of this decision I had to cut scenes that help with story in the long run. So since I'm doing a all around update I might as well fix a mistake I shouldn't have made in the first place.

Next up is, Yeah I should've said no. Yes, the story I first written on this site is coming out of Hiatus for a bit to redone and touch up a bit. The chapters won't be completely rewritten just redone a bit.

Some Spoilers for Aftermath ahead.

Now Aftermath, how can I say this? The third chapter isn't finish despite the fact I have the whole thing figure out from beginning to end. See Twilight son makes a appearance near the beginning of the chapter. The problem? I can't think of a personality to give to the boy! The personality I give him is as follow, he's smart but brunt to a point. He tends to ignore social cues for the most part unless they are important. Say he needs to talk someone but said person is banging his wife in the next room, he would wait outside the door until they're finish before walking in... while they are still in their afterglow.:rainbowwild: Does anyone think his personality is fine? Or maybe the problem is the I'm writing him?

Anyway, I been working on three new stories as side projects but I'm gonna put one of them hold on for now.

The first one is called "The Journey of Brown Delight". Its basically a story of three siblings changing the fate of founding nation of Equestria for the better or worse. The focus will be mostly on the youngest of three.

The next one is a personal favorite of mine "I'm a bug now? I thought I was suppose to be dead!". Originally this story was scrape for "A Hollow Tale", I couldn't get the first two chapters right for some reason and I lost my steam. But after reading the stories that inspire me to write it I decided to give it another shot at it. This story is your run of the mill isekai... kind of. Also those stories that inspired me were "So I'm a Spider, So What?" and "The Devil's Evolution Catalog" and "The Gamer".

I hope to have something done by the first or the second week of May.

So any question?

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