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Pokégod del 10 (thE enD) · 7:18pm Apr 21st, 2019

When we last saw eachother, I had just become champion and tasked by Looker (I fucking hate this guy...) to bring the Seven Sages of Team Plasma in for questioning. Oh, and ran into lv60+ pokemons...!

So my first order of business was to grind. A LOT!
(And it took me until now to realise that the sport centers in Nimbasa resets everyday... )
But a few days later, I was in the 60's and ready to explore the eastern parts of Unova!

[I just like to point out that I, as of the moment of writing this, finally realised that Shauntal, the Ghost-type using Elite Four is a writer... A ghost writer if you will... FML!]

It wasn't too interesting... Mostly find pre-gen 5 pokemon, get the good TMs they locked away 'till now and find those seven suckers. Like, on the map, it looks like you have half a region to explore, but in reality, there's nothing. It's like the useless Moor place beside Iccirus City desguised as towns.

Although! This game had the coolest thing that ever happened to me in a pokemon game!
In eastern Unova is a town filled with people scared of a mystic pokemon that came from the sky centuries ago and comes out at night to devour people and pokemon. Cool!
So you head to the Giant Chasm right next to town, and it's really building itself up. You first have to go through a cave which goes in a spiral pattern until you get to the exit. Then you're in a bowlshaped valley with trees forming a labyrinth ( also spiral shaped). Here you can find several strange pokemon like Ditto, Clefairy, Solrock & Lunatone and Metang, until you get to the very center of the maze... A small body of water.

As soon as you reach it, you hear a roar and you blank out only to find yourself in the middle of a snowcovered field! You quickly realise that you're in the same place, only without the trees, which allows you to exit the valley on the opposite side. And in there awaits... Kyurem...!


The only negative with this whole thing was how out of nowhere it is. There's no hints that this legendary pokemon exists prior to this, not does anything change after catching it.

But it still was really fucking cool!

So with the game finished I'll give my final thoughts:
(Most of which are negatives)

1. Great new pokemon.

The idea to make you play through the game using only gen 5 pokemon was a great one in my opinion. It really revitilised my love and invoked the mystical times of my youth when you didn't know what you'd find in the next patch of grass and you had to tri and guess the typings and abilities of the pokemon you find.

Needless to say, it wouldn't have happened if the pokemon weren't so interesting. Having had to settle for the 6 pokemon I liked the most, there's still enough I want to use to fill another team! (White 2, here I come!)

2. Team Plasma SUCKS!

They suck!

Don't get me wrong. The ethical side to pokemon is an interesting subject, well suited for a villain team. But Plasma isn't the way to do it. Because, in a twist more telegrafed than the Russian involement of the Krim, they only want to "free" pokemon to rule the world themselves...

Way to undermine the whole issue, Game Freak.

They're not effective villains. Everything they attempt to do, they fail. They can't even steal a little girl's Patrat!

And why are they called Plasma, anyway? There's nothing plasmaish about them! It goes against the whole knight theme they got going.

Oh! And that reminds me! That intro lied to me! It showed a hall full of people bowing before N like he was a real monach, but... He isn't! Or if he is, where's his kingdom? Nobody mentions a kingdom. Is this Beauty and the Beast where everybody forgot the prince who lived in his castle just some 14 years prior?

So he's just pretending to be king? Why's all the grunt in on it. The game shows that the grunts are just recruited because they hate pokemon and don't give a fuck about freeing them. So shouldn't they all snicker behind N's back, going "look at this loser! Think's he's a hero king who'll free all pokemon!"

3. Great concepts. Terrible executions.

While this game show amazing concept that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them, they're way too underutilised, not to say wasted.

Seasons looks and feels like the natural upgrade to day/night cycles. It just makes sense that pokemon in areas change with the seasons. And they do...! In winter... Not for the other seasons... Yay...

The huge, dynamic setpieces, like the bridges of Skyarrow and Tubeline and the gates before Victory Road lookes great and certainly awes you the first time you see them. They're completely pointless. No items. No battles. No memorable NPCs. All you do is hold up and move on. What a waste!

The patrolling trainers in the postgame Dreamyard changes direction when they see you in their path. These are the only trainers with this feature... For some reason. Why not all of them!?

Good luck getting a pokemon with their hidden ability. With the Dream World gone, the only way to get one is if the mother has it when you breed it. Or is it? The explanations are so convoluted I have no idea!

Battle Frontier Subway is a great feature in any pokemon game. But in this one, the rewards you can claim just aren't worth my time. The only TMs I'd like is Swagger and Explosion but not enough to grind 34 freaking BP for each.

4. 7.8/10 - Too much money!

This game showers you with endless amounts of coin. Seriously! The game has 27 items which only use in the game is to sell for money!!! And once you buy all the buyable TMs (of which there's only 16) you have NOTHING to spend it on! I got potions, revives, full heals and pokeballs to last me a lifetime and still have enough money to but Bill Gates to shame.

And here's to the heroes of my playthrough!

NAHASH, the Serperior

Giga Drain - Leech Seed
Reflect - Light Screen


CAROL, the Musharna

Psychic - Moonlight
Hypnosis - Charge Beam


BEELZEBUB, the Scolipede

Rock Slide - Earthquake
Megahorn - Poison Jab


HERBERT, the Archeops

Dragon Claw - Earthquake
Fly - Rock Slide


CHARON, the Chandelure

Confuse Ray - Flamethrower
Energy Ball - Shadow Ball


JUSTINE, the Mienshao

Fake Out - U-Turn
Hi Jump Kick - Acrobatics


TOTENKOPF, the Hydreigon

Crunch - Surf
Dragon Pulse - Hyper Voice


AMETHYST, the Liepard

Slash - Fake Out
Theif - Thunder Wave



Strength - Roar
Surf - Crunch



Heart Stamp - Odor Sleuth
Air Slash - Assurance

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