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In memoir of Nuestra Dama de París · 12:39am Apr 18th, 2019

We have suffered a great loss this week. Not just for the people of faith, but for the world a large. A piece of our history, of our cultures and past has been damaged. It's not all, it isn't gone, and it may never be forgotten, but there was still a loss.

Yet, I write this to talk about another thing. About what do we do next. In the wake of the burning of Notre-Dame, transnational companies saw the golden PR opportunity of the century. With a fundraiser that already surpassed the thousands of millions of Euros, and a full restoration projected within five years. I work on communications, so I can tell you that business like Apple just made their money back on free publicity in about the first 36 hours.

With all of that in mind, I can't help but ask, is this what we, Catholics, really are about?

Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved to know Notre-Dame won't die, but look at the speed that money and resources just moved. Imagine, just imagine, what would that effort do for famine, or sickness. How many settlements all over the globe that can't access clean water would have it, with only what just L'Oréal put.

But I just want you to do that; imagine and think about it. There's no intention for my part to talk about recrimination. As Catholic, I literally can't. The Catholic faith is a flawed one. We, Catholics, have too much things to answer for, in too many ways to even begin to list. I say that as a raised Catholic. With that in mind, we can't talk about retribution and punishment anymore. We never should have.

Which drives me to another point I wanted to talk about. Recrimination in the wake of loss.

Something I have seen in the last days, is that many people are talking about who is guilty and who should be punished. Though I do agree this was a preventable situation, to say it was someone's fault it happened is a pointless endeavor.

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Our pillars, the bases that set what has become Catholicism, are the concepts of forgiveness, atonement and redemption. A such, I follow that up with the following: To talk about punishment, instead of healing in the wake of such a loss, will only lead to another loss. Vengeance, punishment and recrimination can not be a faith, and are not what built Notre-Dame de Paris.

But more importantly, when the values that did make Notre-Dame what it became are set apart, that's when it will really fall. The stones are just that, stones. They can be put together once again. But faith, values, the songs that those bells sang for generations, the very soul of Paris; those are valuable, and have to be uphold.

Pray, rebuild and don't forget why it was built in the first place.

God help the outcasts.

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