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    Hi everybody. So... chapter 15 has not gone over very well, to say the least. I get it. I made a mistake, and my plans haven't panned out the way I'd hoped. sigh

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    Chapter 15 is up now!

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    So now, my good readers, I ask that you all brace yourselves for... Mysteries on the Horizon.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: A Tale of Two Suns is ON HIATUS · 7:09pm April 17th

Hi everybody. So... chapter 15 has not gone over very well, to say the least. I get it. I made a mistake, and my plans haven't panned out the way I'd hoped. sigh

I have a story I want to write, a story I have loved and labored on for years now, though side stories, long periods of inactivity, and personal grief. A story for which I have ideas that I'm proud of creating and which I wish to share. I want this story to be the best it can be. I want to write that story, I want you guys to have that story to read. And yet, as of this moment, I'm at an impasse on precisely what I'm going to do to fix this, because clearly this has been a terrible failure on my part.

In the meantime, I have unpublished/removed chapter 15 on all sites. Additionally, "A Tale of Two Suns" is going on official and indefinite hiatus until I sort things out in a way that is satisfactory to both my own standards and authorial intentions, and the standards of my readership. I don't think it will be an extremely long time, but I also can't say how long it will be. I will be working with certain people to re-write this and/or figure out how to correct this mistake.

If you liked my work so far, including chapter 15, then I sincerely apologize. For those that didn't like it, I also sincerely apologize. I hope to provide something better in the future, and I hope you will bear with me while I do my best to resolve this.

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Comments ( 11 )

There is always hope with a hiatus even if it's a day or 77 years

Chapter 15 was essentially the end of "Book 1" as it stood, anyway. With the tonal & content shifts that'll likely require an Adventure tag, it makes sense to take some time thinking about how to make it all work. And hey, AToTS has been pretty amazing overall! So don't worry, I'll be here to read it whenever it comes out of hiatus. That's a promise. :twilightsmile:

Aw man, I hadn't gotten around to chapter 15 yet. I was looking forward to it, too :ajsleepy:

I'm sorry. I truly am. Believe me, no one is more disappointed and unhappy about this than me. Unfortunately couldn't be helped. But look at it this way: Things will be entirely new for you when I do manage to figure out how to fix this mess.

I would highly suggest, however, that you avoid the comments section on the main story page to prevent spoilers. Apparently unpublishing a chapter doesn't make the associated comments go away.

Sugercube, chapter 15 was beautifully written and designed, just like the rest of your work :raritystarry:. Don't allow the "neigh" saying of some grumpy frumpy critics tell you otherwise.

Take as long as you need to fit your writing to YOUR standards. In the end, it is a writers duty to create art that THEY are proud of, not the random, chaotic masses. :trixieshiftleft:. I, as well as the rest of your loyal readers, will await your return, hungry for more of your art. :rainbowdetermined2:

Why did you do what you did that chapter was actually good and I might as well pm you about something that I want to put a long way ahead

Thank you. I appreciate it. And I will fix this. But not today. Today, my primary goals are clean up some stuff, like recycling (and a TON of boxes), and resting. Believe it or not, I literally lost sleep over this last night.

I'm glad you thought so, but I still feel that work needs to be done. And if you want to PM me, go ahead. Can't promise I'll get back to you right away, though.




It was good. People are saying so.

Count that as a win, and we'll see you when your head's back in the game.

In looking at the comments, I think I can understand some of the backlash. This story always felt like the primary focus was about Sunset's struggles against the Cinches. The scenes with the random ponies felt very out of place in that story. It felt like you were setting up for the sequel way in advance. And the comments indicate you took that sequel setup and turned it up to 11.

Now, if you can tie those random ponies into the main Sunsey story, and you can do it well, sure man, go for it. But if they are in fact part of a separate storyline, it might be best to finish Sunset's story first instead of dividing your focus between the two.

Then again, this is all guessing based on the comments and previous scenes with those ponies. I could very easily be wrong :derpytongue2:

Take whatever time you need. That's all I can really think of to say. ()^_^

All the best.

As someone who was critical of Chapter 15, I would like to reiterate that my issues stemmed mainly from how it fit (or rather, didn't) with the rest of the story. I was concerned that there were two mutually exclusive stories occupying the same space; from my perspective, either the "vampire" subplot would end up being an elaborate red herring, or it would necessarily subsume the "main story". I did pick at the world-building a bit (too much), but it was mostly because the story transitioned from a low-magic setting (EQG) where the "rules" of that magic were almost irrelevant, to a high-magic setting where the mechanics need to be taken a little more seriously.

The chapter itself was fine, for what it was, and if it was the first chapter of an entirely different story, a side-story to AToTS even, I think it could be pretty interesting. :trixieshiftright:

In any case, I appreciate the effort you put in to make this story great, and I hope you come to a result that you are satisfied with soon.

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