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Don't be afraid to PM me or leave a post. I always try to reply! I pray that my penchant for quirky action far outshines my clunky authorship. (I regularly purge personal/update blog posts.)

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Chpt. 56 escapes the void! · 3:34am Apr 17th, 2019

"Is that a fucking update!?"

I can make a long blog post detailing everything that's happened, but I think my reply on TQP covered most of the things. Just exited a vacation not too long ago. I actually failed to mention anywhere that I also lost a metric fuckton of writing notes on my phone when I wiped it, and it failed to back up (I was unaware of this for like two weeks after I did it, even!).

So, my first draft was pretty meh in the body, and probably just lazily written in general by contrast to the final. Peppy proofed harder on this than usual, which happens about every 8-10 chapters or so. lol

Anyways. A lot going on, as usual, compounded by my general sloth-y nature. Back to the void I go~~!

(Original image by: Arvaus; unknown on the edit)

Report Aynine · 241 views · Story: The Quiet Place · #TQP #The Quiet Place #Aynine
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Comments ( 3 )

Scrolling through my feed and see "Is that a" followed by a spoiled word, all my brain could fit in was "another Jojo's reference?"

All Jojo's references aside, looking forward to the new chapter!

5045497 Massive irony: I literally just started JoJo's Bizarre adventure today. I was going to start it while I was out of town on vacation, but ended up watching The Highwaymen, and drunkenly rewatching Aggretsuko with friends that had never seen it.

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