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Giant Plush Thorax + 'Uprooted' Scene (SPOILERS) + Small Update · 5:46pm Apr 13th, 2019

Buggo merchandise has been upgraded from shirt and small plush to big plush! I guess you could call him a bed bug. :raritywink:

Created by KLPushies, who does excellent work! First plush this big I've ever gotten.

Thorax popped up in today's episode, being the adorably concerned dadking we all know and love. :rainbowkiss: Writing canonically can feel very rewarding.

Having finished my commission story for my friend, KoLB is once again on my radar. :derpytongue2: Stay tuned!

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Its big Papa Buggo!

Woah that plushie is cool. How big is it?

He is 26 inches tall. :twilightsmile:

Awwww he turned out adorable!!!

Hah! Now the cuddle bug can give you cuddles in real life. :derpytongue2:

Hurray for buggo plushos! :pinkiehappy: Where does yours live?

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