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  • 82 weeks
    vibe check

    who the hell is still alive on this shithole

    throw me a comment here if you live. Also I've got some stuff to say below the break I guess lol

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  • 119 weeks
    anyways watch g5

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  • 138 weeks
    I'm Sponsoring a Contest

    tl;dr I'm giving out prize money for a contest! Details below in the needlessly long and elaborate blog post.

    Hi guys.

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  • 143 weeks
    New story out now!

    Hi guys. Figured I'd drop another story into the Incest is Wincest siblings contest, since my first one was (annoyingly) not gonna receive the entry bonus due to being

    1. anthro (gasp!)

    2. non-canon siblings (horror!)

    3. I think there was something else but there was a big sticking point

    Anyhow, here's the link!

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  • 145 weeks
    New story, Closer Than You'd Think, is out now!

    I'm super stoked to finally publish something after so long. Give it a read and let me know what you guys think!

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new story dropping tomorrow! · 5:16pm Apr 12th, 2019

Hi, fellas. Been a small while again. My on-again, off-again relationship with horse fic has recently gone on again, and I'm happy to say that I'm doing my best to get back on the horse. I'm gonna be trying to put out a consistent flow of one-shot fics for you guys – little things underneath 10k, more palatable than whatever the hell I was trying to do before. I'm gonna be starting with a few entries into the Incest is Wincest siblings contest - one is more my usual fare, and the other will be a little bit less surprising, but no doubt as interesting. Here's the cover image of the first as a teaser! It's around 8.2k words long, is anthro, and overall I hope that it'll feel like a callback to a simpler time in this fandom.

Don't worry - I'm not just gonna put out a few contest entries and then fuck off again. I've had lots of ideas for stories that have unfortunately never come to fruition, and I hope to finally plant those seeds and share the fruits with whoever's still around here. Getting involved in the contest, however, seems like as good a start as any, and I'll probably enter future contests in this group as well. What's a founder emeritus supposed to do, after all, other than participate in the goings-on at the ground level?

If you're interested in also participating in the contest, don't hesitate! Incest is Wincest also has a Discord server now, so if you want minute-to-minute updates on the contest, help with your entry, and discussion with the fine folks in the FIMfic group, click on this here link!

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