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  • Wednesday
    Join the September slice-of-life contest!

    Guess what everyone, I just came out with a new story!
    I know I said I'd be done writing, but I saw that the Wincest group is having a September slice-of-life contest and needs more submissions!
    (I wouldn't get used to seeing any more entries from me, though. This was seriously kind of a one time thing.)

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    1 comments · 37 views
  • 3 weeks
    New Chapter Update/Waifu Thread!

    The new chapter's out, guys!
    I thought it would never happen, but the day has come! It's the newest chapter of...

    ...The World of Moral Reversal!

    I would put a link to it, but since it's technically NSFW, I'll just recommend looking it up for yourselves.

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    7 comments · 118 views
  • 5 weeks
    Story update (MGT:LG and AYAA)

    So I have some hopefully good news for everybody:
    Every Sunday morning (or Saturday night, depending on your time zone), I'll be adding a new chapter to either "Magical Girl Trixie: Last Gambit" or "Are you an angel?"
    Again, these will be my last two mlp-related stories, so if you haven't started reading them yet, I'd recommend checking them out!

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    6 comments · 119 views
  • 7 weeks
    I'm leaving FimFiction.

    So, first of all, I want everyone to know that this is subject to change. This wouldn't be the first time I've spoken about leaving FimFiction, and if anything does change, I'll delete this blog post and we'll pretend it never happened. I've just been thinking about this a lot over the course of the past week, and I've decided that this is what I think is the best decision I can make.

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  • 8 weeks
    I'm so tired

    I kinda wanna be done now. I think I'm just gonna go to bed.

    7 comments · 245 views

New story! · 6:01am Apr 11th, 2019

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about a new story that I just published called "Extra Credit Lessons"!
Normally I don't like to do this for new stories, but this one I just had to make a blog post about.
I'm guessing most of you who follow me started following me for my porn, well good news!
This is without a doubt, the best NSFW story that I have ever written.
If you could check it out and give me a thumbs up, I would definitely appreciate it!
Thanks to everyone who reads my smut and makes this all possible!

Report PRlNCESS CADENCE · 102 views · Story: Extra Credit Lessons · #clop #porn
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