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Along New Tides: Ship Presentation, M/V Amandine · 11:15pm Apr 10th, 2019

UPDATE 29Aug19: New date sheet and crew list. Warning: the new sheet may contain spoilers up to chapter 44, use this version at your own risk.

Hi there folks,

For context, here's the most recent version of Amandine's data sheets. That's literally what I use when I'm writing the story, though the gallery tab is something I added for your enjoyment.

Today I wanted to share some more data about what I sometimes consider as the main character in my story, and by that I mean Amandine.
Now, she isn't a ship I came up with out of thin air see, she really does exist. Of course, I've never sailed on her, nor on any ship of her company (funny note though: they (Cobelfret that is) have an habit of naming their ships with female names that end with -ine such as Celine or Undine). I just met her once as I was sailing up the Thames in Purfleet and thought something along the lines of 'dayum, now that's a gorgeous ship'. As far as I know, she's a pretty young ship. Her operator has her ferry mostly trucks and containers from Rotterdam to Purfleet, though I believe they sometimes have her go to other ports such as Dublin, Hull and Hamburg.

I have only ever laid foot on the decks of one ship of her company, so of course I can't tell much about her interior. This has resulted in my decision of making the story's version of Amandine slightly different. For one the story version is a bit beefier: she has side ramps to go with the stern ramp (for the sake of practicality: L-shaped berths are not found everywhere), has more base draft and her accomodation is also bigger with a different layout. I don't know if the actual Amandine has adjustable tweendeck to carry cars, but in the story consider she does.

If I'm entirely honest, my choice of a ro-ro as the first ship (con-ro technically) stems for a drunken discussion way back when I was at the maritime academy. Something along the lines of 'eh dude... what's the best ship for a zombie apocalypse you think?'. My idea at the time? A ro-ro, for flexibility and the ability to operate much further inland than any other vessel (because of the vehicles).

Honestly I'm amazed I remembered the conversation at all, Belvedere is no joke.

One last note: I couldn't find inside pictures of Amandine's car decks (no surprise there) so I added some from a random roro. If you want a better idea of those of Amandine, replace the lift that's carrying a tugmaster with a ramp.

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love all the details and i will be keeping the live shipping link to keep track of her.

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