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Cover Art Search · 1:58am Apr 8th, 2019

Less than two weeks before my self-imposed deadline for publishing my Iron Man story, and I feel better than usually about its upcoming approach. The only thing that bothers me is that my old laptops untimely demise means I don't have Grammerly, and that's going to put work on me and my editor. Berry Delight is a champ though, you should check out her stuff.

Right now, I'm searching google images to find cover art for my story. At the moment, I'm using a picture of the Arc Reactor colored purple, and while it's adequate I don't really like it. It's a pretty boring cover and purple doesn't look good with the Iron Man color scheme.

The next best one is a pretty standard picture of Iron Mage hovering in the air, and it's pretty nice. I really like the details on the wings and the shape of the helmet. The pose is pretty awkward, but it's not bad. And of course I'll need permission, I don't want to be that guy. I'm not sure why he wouldn't give it, we're all on the same team here.

I found a bunch of other pictures I can't use because they don't feature Twilight in the suit. I really wish I could use this one. The framing gives you an immediate sense of speed, the art style is exactly what I like in super heroes, the banged up suit with the pissed off Rainbow, It is fantastic. Are those things chasing her Windigoes? They look really solid.

This one's just really funny, but look at War Machines helmet. Pony heads look so weird without ears.

I love the blocky design for the Hulkbuster suit here. It's almost like a Transformer, which is appropriate given, y'know, Hasbro. If I do use the Hulkbuster it'll be more bipedal, but this still looks really cool.

And this one is a cover that's begging someone to write a story about it.

The shenanigans.

Anyway, I am good to publish the first chapter on the 18th, and the rest should be up inside that week.

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Dunno if this would solve anything, but if you can image edit maybe a close up on one of those pony style helmets but edit the eyes purple and glowing? Or a purple filter over the whole thing?

That'd be a simple solution, but purple doesn't look good with red and gold, and I don't know how. Plus a static shot of a helmet would be a boring cover, it should be broken to symbolism how dark thing are or reflect something significant.

I wish I had money to do a commission. I'd love a shot of Twilight forging the chest-plate with the armor in the background or something.

Your cover is diffrent, because Spidey's mask can emote.

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